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Originally Posted by nisaba View Post
I'll hand the querent the timing deck, get them to shuffle it briefly, then cut it at the point where the deck wants to separate (rarely the middle). I'll then look at that card.
Jera, from what Nisaba said, it sounds like you would only draw one card. If you draw a Four of Swords, that would be 4 weeks or 28 days. My guess is that this method will give you a close approximation, rather than the exact amount of time (ie. 26 days).
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Originally Posted by Jera View Post
Can someone please help? I'd really like to use this method but I do not understand as stated above... What am I overlooking?
Jera, did you read Nisaba's first post? I think the above quote is a different method?
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I've been trying to figure out timing for a while now, reading up on other peoples' methods both on the forum and on other sites. This is the first system that makes sense to me beyond wild guessing or doing a year spread and trying to figure out when an expected event will fit into the year. Thanks! I currently like and use my decks, but when I get a chance for a cheep, new deck that doesn't appeal for readings, I'll give this method a try. (Gives me a chance to indulge my new addiction to collecting tarot decks. lol. I've bought three in a single month . . . something tells me I might need to slow down if I hope to also pay off school loans in a few years)
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I love it , and I think I have the deck for this , Im in love with the crystl tarot ( SPECIALLY THE MAYORS) un ilustarted pips ,but diferent elemental correspondaces to the suits ( cups are air and swords are water for some reason), so I havent really gotten into reading with it s:

Im just not sure about the fire being days... hmm Im just not sure it would be faster than wind , I dont know...
anyway this is a one card thing, right?
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Originally Posted by Jera View Post
Thanks for this! I am definitely going to try it too. But, I do wonder, how would we get an indication of say 26 days (for example.) Do we draw more than one card? And if so, what if the first card is eg Queen (13) of Swords (days) and the second one eg 13 of Pentacles (years) to give us 26... would the answer be 26 years or 26 days?
I'd guess you'd add them

but this seems to be a one card thing.
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I like this! It's actually simple enough for a beginner like me to understand... maybe (gasp!) even tackle. My burning question, though, is if you have any recommendations for decks that work well with this system? I'd need to buy a new one if I wanted to try it, but not sure where to start.
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<smile> It's a one-card thing, using very close approximations.

It's best to use a deck that doesn't intrigue or interest you, and also one you don't dislike either.
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AWESOME Nisaba! I am very intrigued by this and am happy you've posted it! I'm also grateful to Milasandre who bumped it up for us! Besides ... it gives me a great excuse to buy a new deck!
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I am going to have such fun with this! I'm getting my Tarot Journal out right now. I'd love to see how accurate it is for me. Thanks, Nisaba! I'm happy to finally have found something that makes sense...
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