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Sorry I've just found this, but I'd love to join the study group, too! "Dreamtime" is the only oracle deck I own, and I love it!

Brolga, I am honored you are part of this group. Your accompanying book for the oracle is fabulous!

Like Raeanne, I have had a connection with Australia for many years. Whenever I go there, I feel like I am coming home. I cry when I leave. I haven't been since my step-mum's funereal in '97 and I feel empty inside. She was very active in Aboriginal social activities, and in her final years, worked with a group inArmidale, NSW to set up a Aboriginal school for the area.
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Hello Amyel,
You are most welcome here, we look forward to your input.

How often have you been to Australia?
Your step mother sounds like an honorable woman.

Hey, wouldn't it be great if we could all meet up at Brolga's house one day, can you imagine!
(Brolga, i think you are the only Australian resident here!)

Btw, I have posted a new post in the general Study group section called Oracle of the Dreamtime-OUTLINE. I thought seeing as I started this I should be abit more structured and organised, but I am open to everyone's input and taking over lol
(very un-leo of me, you wouldn't think I had leo moon as well!)

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Well, Red Earth - and study group members - I've been to Australia many times. I used to go once every two years for extended stays and did a fair bit of travelling, visiting friends and family & having adventures. I felt free-er there then anywhere else I've ever been. My stepmum was Australian, she had no children o fher own, and I was my dad's only child. I had a special connection with my stepmum and I still miss her a great deal. She was a very wonderful woman.

I would *love* to all meet up at Brolga's one day!
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Heya fellow journeyers

I have yet to check out RedEarth's other Dreamtime post but thought I would start here.

Hi amyel Your stepmum does sound like a great person in tune with her spiritual heritage and her involvement with the school is the seeds of that evolving into the hearts of others.

It's funny, the only real conflict I have had have been from non- Aboriginal people. I have had many letters over the years from various people, Koori, thanking me for bringing the Dreamings into a context they can relate to. As they have "skins of two colours" (white heritage) I think it somehow captures how the Dreaming has changed in a modern context.

There is a socialworker who uses the deck in her womens' groups in Taree and has had government funding to do so.

Neville Bonner also read the book, basically on his deathbed and really liked it. His daughter, I was told, was highly suspicious of it being used as an oracle & that being totally alien to culture. I intended the deck to be called "Modern Dreaming Cards" without the oracle function more as a tool for self-examination and insights however the publishers & editors overruled that one! I think it is getting past the presentation and who wrote it, etc etc and going straight to the stories and cards.... truth surpasses all that other stuff!

Bright idea there RedEarth OK rock on over... and inbetween the kids yelling and the black cockatoos squawking... we can all make our own Kobong symbols.... and - I think - have some fascinating conversations from the heart!!

Wattle & gumnuts with a dose of mistletoe
Brolga ~ Donni
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I got my Oracle of the Dreamtime today and I'll probably pop in at the study group every now and then, if I can find the time.

Somehow, I've always been attracted to Australia, from the moment I first saw The Flying Doctors on tv as a child...
Anyway, in 2000 I finally went there for the first time and was captivated by it. I even considered moving over there for good, but I ended up staying where I was. I went back again in 2001 and I hope to be able to go back many more times, because there are still so many places I'd like to visit...

Here are some of the cards that really appeal to me (I hope I'm using the right names; I've got the Dutch edition of the deck, so I have to translate the names back into English...):
8. Sturt's Desert Pea (because I remember seeing them in the desert, I think I even have a picture of them somewhere)
10. Uluru (magical place!)
17. Koala (how can you not like the koala!)
40. Seal
44. Reconciliation
45. Sydney Harbor Bridge
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