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Originally Posted by kenji View Post
Now I am finished with 56 Minor Arcana of my Pam-D
Fascinating to be able to compare coloration, texture screens, PCS sigils and the subtle (or not so subtle) variations in the transposed drawings between these different printings of the Waite-Smith tarot.

Thank you so very much.

Now we just need a set of 78, 2x2 pages.
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I haven't had a chance to download them yet but judging from your others kenji I'm sure they're superb. It's hard to make scans for the internet and get everything just right, and big ones like yours take a lot of time. But it's very much appreciated. I can't foresee ever having enough spare cash to acquire these decks, so your sharing of these great pictures of them is almost as good.
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Thanks for the upload!
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At last, the eldest of PAM sisters is out...!

Now 'Roses & Lilies' has joined my blog, the project is virtually completed...
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Thanks Kenji!

That deck there is exactly what I wish someone would release, Pam-A with Roses. I'll throw out my Original Rider-Waite the day it happens.
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Thank you Kenji. This is great for studying purposes. You are doing a wonderful job, keep it up.
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Thank you Kenji,
There is nothing like the original colors of the Pamela A, for me at least.
I love being able to really look closely at the artwork.

thank you for all the time you have put into this
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The high-resolution pics of my Pamela A, B, C, D and Saskia's "Roses & Lillies" have all moved to the following place. Just keep on enjoying them
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Thank you, Kenji. Nice to see you again!
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Hi, Kenji! So nice to see you. Thank you for these marvelous scans, and for everything you've done over the years to give us access to such treasures.
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