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the envelope, please...


I've just drawn the 3 of swords...

Time of some real heavy contemplation...

fly well
feel deep
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they slice, they dice

Swords again...lol....
lol....Rwing.....your deck been talking to my deck....I some how got confused with two Fey today....in courts, my coments on the knave was atually the 3!......
so once again.....
Fey of 3 swords stands waist deep in an ever moving ocean. He looks intently on the sword that marks his body. Is his expression one of remorse? It feels like he has just been tatoo'ed and he is not quite sure how he feels about it.......
from the misdirected info in the other thread....he is full of compassion, and is one who would seek some compromise rather take the physical(forceful) route.
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this is a strange thing to say about a three of swords card but this is one of my favourites in this deck. Its so beautifull.

What i see in this card is that he letting his pain and his emotions go. He allows them to be. He is not standing in the ocean for nothing. The ocean or see is in my view representative for his feelings. He is letting his pain and sorrow be and in the end he will let them go and release them to the ocean the seed of all live.

Just my two (euro) cents
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vision of sorrow...


I echo your feelings. This is one of the most beautifully expressive cards I have ever seen.

Sorrow, bittersweet and unfathomable. One can feel it in the eyes that aren't there-- perhaps because the fey turns his sight inwards...

The threes fall under the sephirah of Binah. Yes, I know-- it was said that these cards were stripped of meaning on this level. but...

Binah, the great sea... I look at this fey. are the waters supporting him, uplifting him? Or is he slowly slipping into their depths??

The direction in which the sword points, the curve of his wings; these all create the feeling that he is falling into the waters...

But I get the feeling that, although he begins sinking, the waters themselves hold him up.

Binah, the great mother. The majickal "power" Binah grants is the vision of sorrow. And, without a doubt, this fey has had that vision. Overpowering, a feeling to drown one...

But here, the very waters of sorrow support the fey, uplift him. Sorrow is deeply engraved in/on his heart, yet there is the beautiful and tender feeling one gets from the card itself...

Sorrow will be transformed and transcended. Time will heal.

fly well
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Laura Borealis 

I've been an emotional wreck lately. My beloved old cat, Sophie, is suffering with liver disease. All the trips to the vet, the emergency surgery, the never-ending struggle to get food into her, have taken a heavy toll.

Last night, after breaking into sobs for what seems like the hundredth time in the span of a few days, I tried to calm myself with my Fey cards. I thought to do a simple three card, past/present/future spread. I thought about the situation with Sophie, asking for something to give me hope or comfort. I shuffled and cut, and turned up the first card. I was looking at that beautiful, sorrowful face of the three of swords. His face just seemed to express all the pain I've been going through... the sword imprinted on his very body, immutable... the water he stands in, a pool of salty tears. I feel I have cried an ocean's worth lately. I should be dust by now.

It felt like the message was complete, like the past/present/future spread wasn't needed. I felt like my emotions were too exhausted to try to bring the other two cards into my interpretation, anyway. For the record, they were the eight of wands and the ten of pentacles.

I'm trying to feel that message of healing and hope that Ravenswing spoke of. But it is eluding me for now.
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Since the sword is drawn him, and he is looking down at it, perhaps it signals a decision you need to make that has got to do with what is best for you. You may be engaged in a situation where it stirs up all sorts of emotions, you know, being in a relationship or a situation which you may stick to, for the sake of someone else. I think this card is very good in indicating that you have to be honest with yourself, and do what is best for you, whatever that may be.
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To me you expressed the meaning of the card. By explaining your grief and the hopelessness you feel at this moment and the sea of salt tears.

Having said that I am very sorry you have this problem in your life at present. Love for our pets can be very strong and sometimes you love them even more than some relatives. Especially if you are close to them. I will say a prayer for Sophie and for you at this time.
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