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19 Card problem/cause/cure spread

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19 Card problem/cause/cure spread

Simple spread. I have a lot of issues and just thought I'd like to sort through them a bit. Very simple and straightforward.


1-5 Are laid out linearly, 678, 91011, 121314, and 151617 are all laid out as triangles in the spots designated above. 18 is placed far left and 19 far right.

1- Distant past 2- Near past 3- Present 4- Neat past 5- Distant past
(Or depending on your reading preference, you may chose to only have the very ends dictate past and future and have the three interior cards represent the future. Whatever floats your boat)

6- Most predominant problem in your life right now. Problem that needs the most attention
7- Said problems cause
8- Said problems cure

9-11 12-14 and 15-17 Follow that same pattern, but only represent more minor problems.

18- Advice to keep in mind while dealing with your issues.
19- Final outcome. What will change with the dissipation of your problems. Things to expect.

Any feedback? I'm still relatively new to spread creation (and tarot in general for that matter)

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I really like this spread. The instructions for the middle row were a bit confusing; I assume you meant "near future," and, "distant future," instead of listing the past twice.

I modified the spread to just the major problem I've been working with, and it really helped lay things out for me. I especially like the added advice card and the outcome.

I'm sure this spread works equally well the way you wrote it, and I'm definitely bookmarking it!
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KMilliron  KMilliron is offline
Join Date: 05 Apr 2011
Location: New York, United States
Posts: 2,097

Agh, didn't catch the typo, I'll fix it.
Thanks for the input and I'm glad it helped. It's a very easily modified spread, and that's what I was going for.

Edit- on my iPod. Which means since there isn't a scrollbar and no down key to repeatedly jam down I'm not going to have a chance to fix it until I get on a computer. Which could be close to never. Sorry.
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