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I think finally I am getting into it. Finally they match my tarot, but in a very direct way actually. I just found out that I don't like the spreads in Ralph Blum's book. I found some past-present-future spreads and intuitive ways of reading somewhere else and those are so much more interesting. Plus, Ralph Blum is very "you should do this, you should do that", I was feeling as runes were my mother yelling on me because everything I was doing was wrong. Since the moment I know the basic meanings and since I found different spreads, I started liking more the runes. Now it's a matter of practicing, but well, tarot is still my tool.
Thanks for the advices.

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As I missed the boat with this study group, I have started my own virtual study group and will be posting a series of "lessons" on my blog (see my profile for link). You are welcome to follow my progress studying the runes and chip in with comments and questions (bear in mind that I am still learning too). I am also participating in the monthly exchanges here.
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I've just got my first set of Runes, a lovely amethyst set, very happy with them! cant wait to learn to use them, grateful i have found this thread to get me started

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I missed out on the study group as well, but hope to participate in the January reading circle (now just to get enough posts
I made a set of Runes years ago, but never really used them for "divination" only for meditating and for combinations of healing. Its just been recently that I've had a facination with them for doing readings, and the Norse Folklore Mythology.
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Bumping this one up - I'm picking up my runes and this is one of the best resources on runes on the internet - a complete study of the Elder Futhark, with interesting discussions and some threads on runecasts.
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Thanks for this forum thread. I am going to get my first set of runes soon and this has been an asset to studying up on them. (Especially without having to purchase a book yet). Thank you!!
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Originally Posted by angeljunkie View Post
Thanks for this forum thread. I am going to get my first set of runes soon and this has been an asset to studying up on them. (Especially without having to purchase a book yet). Thank you!!
Glad to hear it! I love the runes and am glad to see anyone new joining in

If you want, we have an informal thread for intensive study that you can use for questions, comments, etc while you go through them, it is here:

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Originally Posted by williamsson View Post
i have found the best authors in my work are edred thorsson, guido von list, and ralph elliot just to name a few. edred is always the best starting place, he has written several books, most of which, deal with runelore, galdr, stadha, taufr, and various topics all of which deal with runelore from a historically accurate prespective.
Dear Williamsson,

Are you still around this forum?
Thank you so much for authors recommendations. I have only just taken up the Runes but my feeling was that Ralf Blum was somehow not the way to go. I have 'Runes for Transformation' by Kaedrich Olsen for a start. What do you think about Alaric Albertsson? This is different tradition, isn't it?
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