Any "make your own spells" book

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The Enchanter 
Any "make your own spells" book

I was just wondering if anyone knows of any books that tell you how to make your own spells and possibly how to make your own spell casting materials and ritual tools. Not a book that has the info in it, but specifically on that subject. Mostly making own spells. Thanx in advance.
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Red Emma 
Creating spells

Janina Renee, who wrote "Tarot for a New Generatio," has also created a book about tarot spells. I've not tried any of them, but others on this list speak mostly kindly about it.
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Yea I already have her tarot spells book. I was wondering because I want to try to write one of my own. Like I would ever finish anything though. Keep posting though!
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'Write your own magic' by richard webster (250pages)....llewellyn published
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I would suggest that to make your own spells what you need is a really good book of correspondences; `the Magicians Companion` by Bill Whitcomb is a good one.

Love and light

Crystalmynx xx
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are you familier with the basics of casting spells yet?

if not Peter J Clark in his book the sorcerer's handbook gives some very indeph knowledge and exercises. it also covers the ethics and making your self safe which i'm sure you realise is very important.
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Greetings Enchanter,
another book you might find interesting is Tarot & Magic by D.M. Kraig. Only one chapter in this book about spells, but he also writes about pathworking, tarot in ceremonial short, all use of tarot except divination.
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Books by Silver Ravenwolf, To Stir a Magick Cauldron and To Light a Sacred Flame are great for beginning spellwork. They will take you through planning a spell step by step.
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On a more sophisticated level, I'd recommend Phyllis Currot's book "Book of Shadows".
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I have used Janina Renee's Tarot Spells book successfully.

I have done 3 simple binding spells and they have all worked like a charm(pardon the pun)-with no negative consequenses(that I've noticed anyway).
I can also recomend Phyllis Currott's Book of Shadows. I just finished reading it. It reads like a novel but imparts alot of practicle knowledge as well.
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