Pierre Le Moyne: Femmes fortes ... 21 women

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Pierre Le Moyne: Femmes fortes ... 21 women

"La gallerie des femmes fortes" from Pierre De Moyne (1647)


That's a sort of prolongation of Tarocchi ideas to book form, somehow the expansion of the Boiardo Tarocchi poem. In similar sense it's a development of the neuf preux idea. Now it are not "9 heroes", but 20 women, 5 Jewish, 5 Barbars, 5 Romains and 5 Christians. Each heroine gets "examples in real life" (mostly one, occasionally two) and a feminist theme, for instance: "Si les Femmes son capables de gouverner". And everybody got a picture.

That are the content pages:

That's part of the text in electronic form:

Les Fortes Iuifves
Debore ... Isabelle Infant d'Espagne, Archiduchesse des Pays-Bas ... Marguerite d'Austriche, Duchess de Parme, Gouvernante des Pays-Bas
Iahel ... Jeanne de Betford Reyne d'Escosse ... Catherine Du Glas
Iudith ... Marulle de Stilimene
Salomene ... Marguerite Morus fille de Thomas Morus Chancelier d'Angleterre
Mariamne ... Blanche de Bourbon Reyne de Castille

Les Fortes Barbares
Panthe'e ... Ingonde and Clotilde de France
Camme ... Sancie de Navarre
Artemise ... Blanche de Castille Reyne and Regente de France
Monime ... La Brave Hongroise
Zenobie ... Jeanne de Montfort

Les Fortes Romaines
Lucrece ... Gondeberge De France Reyne de Lombardie
Clelie ... Theodelinde, Reyne de Lombardie
Porcie ... Francooise de Cezely, Dame de Barry
Arrie ... Ieanne Coello, femme de Antoine Perez
Pauline ... Ieanne Gray Deb Suffolc

Les Fortes Chrestiennes
La Iudith Francoise ... Blanche de Rossy
Isabelle de Castille ... Marguerite de Foix, Duchess d'Espernon
La Pucelle D'Orleans ... Isabelle Reyne de Castille
La Captive Victorieuse ... La Chaste Venitienne
Marie Stuart ... Marguerite d'Aniou
And that''s a picture example:


Perhaps somebody has fun to help with the person identifications .....
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In matters of the period 1643-1660 in France (of some importance for the Poilly decks and their discussions) ...
... the Moyne work of 1647 is of interest, together with the Stefano della Bella decks.


The Stefano della Bella decks were made for the young French king Louis XIV, who with 5 years in 1643 had become king. Stefano della Bella made 4 famous teaching decks.

One about French kings

One about French geography

One about famous Queens and another about Greek mythology. This series of teaching decks, though it wasn't the first appearance of them, became model for many other teaching decks during 17th century and later.

Stefano della Bella has lots of engraving in the British Museum.

The famous Queen deck has some relationship to the Pierre de Moyne work, the Mythology deck has a direct relation to the Poilly decks, cause Poilly used the Iason motif of della Bella.

Costume study for a Fool, by Stefano della Bella
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