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Agate 2 1.67%
Amethyst 11 9.17%
Aquamarine 6 5.00%
Beryl 0 0%
Bloodstone 1 0.83%
Carnelian 2 1.67%
Citrine 4 3.33%
Diamond 2 1.67%
Emerald 1 0.83%
Fluorite 3 2.50%
Hematite 2 1.67%
Jade 0 0%
Jasper 1 0.83%
Jet 0 0%
Labradorite (Spectrolite) 7 5.83%
Lapis Lazuli 6 5.00%
Malachite 2 1.67%
Moldavite 2 1.67%
Moonstone 7 5.83%
Onyx 0 0%
Opal 7 5.83%
Quartz -Rose 11 9.17%
Quartz -Smoky 3 2.50%
Quartz -clear 14 11.67%
Ruby 1 0.83%
Sapphire 2 1.67%
Sunstone 1 0.83%
Tiger´s Eye (Hawk´s eye) 0 0%
Topaz 0 0%
Tourmaline 1 0.83%
Turquoise 4 3.33%
Other 8 6.67%
Obsidian 3 2.50%
Pyrite 2 1.67%
Selenite 3 2.50%
Sugilite 0 0%
Peridot 1 0.83%
Voters: 120. You may not vote on this poll

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My Favorite Crystal and Why

What is your Favorite Crystal at the moment and why?

Mine is Aquamarine
I spent my childhood by the sea and I always miss the sea so Aquamarine takes me back to those sandy shores.
It is my birthstone and I recently read somewhere here that birthstones usually have a stronger effect on a person than most other stones. Aquamarine clearly has a strong calming effect on me and it makes me take everyday matters in a more lighthearted way -which is something I often need.
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Mine is Malachite.

I first realized this on a trip to Arizona. We were taking a tour of Canyon du Chelly by the natives and of course at the head of the canyon they were selling hand-crafted jewelry. I purchased a bead necklace of this stone because it just seemed to glow and shimmer under my hands. I have liked wearing it ever since and it gives a centred sense of calm.
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I had a very hard time deciding between jasper and agate, but went with the agate! Specifically, Moss Agate. (but I haven't met one that I didn't like) I've always loved the mottled or swirled stones.

I laugh every time I read its reference as a Gardener's Stone because I am not good with plants. But, it does feel like I'm carrying my own Secret Garden around with me. It's a peaceful place that can't be stirred or jumbled up by crazy thought & emotional jumps- my own or anyone else's.
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whenever i have a chunk of citrine in my purse, i win some money playing the state lottery or scratch-off tickets...not the jackpots YET....
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Gia  Gia is offline
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It wasn't listed...but SELENITE!!! Because I use it all the time!
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My favorite is rose quartz because it is the only one I get a feeling from, and a good one at that!
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peaceandkarma  peaceandkarma is offline
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My favourite crystal has to be Selenite too. I have an angel grid made with it, a Selenite crystal ball, tea light holder and a small tower. I just find this crystal really peaceful and relaxing and I love the way it catches the light. Its also good to meditate with to.
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I love Rose Quartz, have always loved it. Who doesn't need abit of love in their life ?
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it probably sounds wrong , but I love them , my birthstone <3 it is just so beautifull , hard strong durable <3 god, you really cant blame me , and if you do Ill blame it me being a taurus lol...
and I dont own any D:

but love obsidian too , it just the one stone that I alkways relate to mexico , the aztecs mayans and all of them for some reason, even if it wasnt their most precious stone.

I can get lost just looking at obsidians , its like looking into the night itself , like solid darkness
(dont ask me why I like that I feel safer at night too) and I can never make up my mind as to wich one to buy I want them all they-re all special <3
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I selected Quartz - other for clear Quartz crystals. I just find clear quartz crystals so magical and beautiful but also like other variations such as smokey Quartz and Amethyst.
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