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View Poll Results: My Favorite Crystal -and Why?
Agate 2 1.67%
Amethyst 11 9.17%
Aquamarine 6 5.00%
Beryl 0 0%
Bloodstone 1 0.83%
Carnelian 2 1.67%
Citrine 4 3.33%
Diamond 2 1.67%
Emerald 1 0.83%
Fluorite 3 2.50%
Hematite 2 1.67%
Jade 0 0%
Jasper 1 0.83%
Jet 0 0%
Labradorite (Spectrolite) 7 5.83%
Lapis Lazuli 6 5.00%
Malachite 2 1.67%
Moldavite 2 1.67%
Moonstone 7 5.83%
Onyx 0 0%
Opal 7 5.83%
Quartz -Rose 11 9.17%
Quartz -Smoky 3 2.50%
Quartz -clear 14 11.67%
Ruby 1 0.83%
Sapphire 2 1.67%
Sunstone 1 0.83%
Tigers Eye (Hawks eye) 0 0%
Topaz 0 0%
Tourmaline 1 0.83%
Turquoise 4 3.33%
Other 8 6.67%
Obsidian 3 2.50%
Pyrite 2 1.67%
Selenite 3 2.50%
Sugilite 0 0%
Peridot 1 0.83%
Voters: 120. You may not vote on this poll

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I chose lapis lazuli because I love the pyrite inclusions that make it look like the night sky and I love dark stones. I have a black agate pendant too that has tiny silver inclusions in the stone and that also looks like the night sky - beautiful.

I'm quite partial to moonstone and amber too; it was very difficult to choose .
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Le Fanu 

Mine isn't on


I would choose Obsidian because it's dark and glassy and masculine and has such a rich scrying tradition, that even the tiniest piece of Obsidian- to me - holds magic!

I'm just an irrelevant *other*
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Hemera  Hemera is offline
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Oh, Im sorry.. Ill try to add a few choices there soon.
At least Obsidian, Selenite and Sugilite have got votes but are missing from the list..
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Lapis lazuli as well as green moss agate (not on the list). I don't have any rational reasons why I love them, other than they seem to be calming and comforting if I need physical, mental or emotional TLC.
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Originally Posted by Hemera View Post
Oh, Im sorry.. Ill try to add a few choices there soon.
At least Obsidian, Selenite and Sugilite have got votes but are missing from the list..
Pyrite is also missing from the list, it's another one I love.
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For me, I've always been partial to amethyst I don't know why maybe because I find it really calming when I hold it. I also love moonstone being a cancer, I'm just drawn to it. I think I will take a nap with it and see what happens.
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I love malachite because it's a beautiful dark green, and I love the waves. It's so flowing and curvy, not straight-line crystal like other stones. My second, more intellectual, favorite is one of the most straight line stones there is--selenite. It's pure and white, but with more softness, warmth, and mystery than quartz.

I have a small malachite sphere and a medium selenite sphere. Never tried scrying with either, but I think they would work well. When I get up the nerve!
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It's a tie between amethyst and rose quartz but I'd go for rose quartz. It's such a pleasant energy stone, and whenever I'm down, I hold my rose quartz and feel better. And its a super gentile non intrusive stone perfect for all occasions.
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I added Obsidian, Selenite, Sugilite and Pyrite.
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If I can only pick one....

clear quartz crystal, especially clusters

I keep them around my bedroom. I sometimes place them on top of decks. If you have a quartz CLUSTER, they don't need to be re energized like just individual pieces of quartz.

I am currently looking for a jet necklace or ring. If anyone knows of a good place to find one, please share. Obsidian and onyx seem easier to find at a decent price. Most of the jet I've seen is quite expensive.
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