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View Poll Results: My Favorite Crystal -and Why?
Agate 2 1.67%
Amethyst 11 9.17%
Aquamarine 6 5.00%
Beryl 0 0%
Bloodstone 1 0.83%
Carnelian 2 1.67%
Citrine 4 3.33%
Diamond 2 1.67%
Emerald 1 0.83%
Fluorite 3 2.50%
Hematite 2 1.67%
Jade 0 0%
Jasper 1 0.83%
Jet 0 0%
Labradorite (Spectrolite) 7 5.83%
Lapis Lazuli 6 5.00%
Malachite 2 1.67%
Moldavite 2 1.67%
Moonstone 7 5.83%
Onyx 0 0%
Opal 7 5.83%
Quartz -Rose 11 9.17%
Quartz -Smoky 3 2.50%
Quartz -clear 14 11.67%
Ruby 1 0.83%
Sapphire 2 1.67%
Sunstone 1 0.83%
Tiger´s Eye (Hawk´s eye) 0 0%
Topaz 0 0%
Tourmaline 1 0.83%
Turquoise 4 3.33%
Other 8 6.67%
Obsidian 3 2.50%
Pyrite 2 1.67%
Selenite 3 2.50%
Sugilite 0 0%
Peridot 1 0.83%
Voters: 120. You may not vote on this poll

Bhavana  Bhavana is offline
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Originally Posted by greatdane View Post
clear quartz crystal, especially clusters

I keep them around my bedroom. I sometimes place them on top of decks. If you have a quartz CLUSTER, they don't need to be re energized like just individual pieces of quartz.

I am currently looking for a jet necklace or ring. If anyone knows of a good place to find one, please share. Obsidian and onyx seem easier to find at a decent price. Most of the jet I've seen is quite expensive.

here is a jet ring on If you do a search under "all items" or under jewelry for "jet ring" or "jet necklace' you will come up with hundreds of items - some are real jet, some are just the word jet used to describe stone color - but there are authentic jet pieces in there.
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minrice  minrice is offline
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cool poll!

For me I just love clear quartz crystal. I think it is so beautiful, it never gets old. I could look at it all day I love it so much. The clear quartz crystal spheres and points are probably the favorites in my collection.

Almost voted Quartz-other but decided to just vote Other. Wonder if all the other Quartz-other votes are for clear quartz?
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Hemera  Hemera is offline
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Originally Posted by minrice View Post
Wonder if all the other Quartz-other votes are for clear quartz?
I checked and yes, they all are for clear Quartz so I edited the poll and changed "Quartz other" for "Quartz clear".
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elvenstar's Avatar
elvenstar  elvenstar is offline
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It's a tie between clear quartz and amethyst really, but I voted clear quartz in the end. There's just something about these stones, they always make me feel better no matter what. Too stressed? It calms me down. Too listless? It motivates me. Too confused? It helps me see clearly.

But amethyst is always a favourite too, since I was a child. I just love it with a passion, not sure why.
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shelikes2read  shelikes2read is offline
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I've had a fascination for clear quartz since I was small and saw a picture of it in a science book. I was amazed by the thought that a ROCK could be TRANSPARENT. Come to think of it, I'm STILL pretty entranced by that idea.

I'm especially fond of quartz points and spheres. I've have loved them anyway, but once I got into the metaphysical aspects of them, it just strengthened my affiinity for quartz even more.
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MCsea's Avatar
MCsea  MCsea is offline
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Aquamarine resonates with my name, my north node (astrology) in Pisces and my love of the colour blue.. so many other reasons but it just shines for me.. but I did think long and hard just ONE fav?!
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N1ghts0ng's Avatar
N1ghts0ng  N1ghts0ng is offline
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i think my favorite has always been amethyst. I got a large dark violet amethyst as one of my first crystals almost 20 years ago and it's been with me ever since. the color is beautiful and the energy is such a smooth velvety cool feel to it.
Clear Quartz comes in a very close second, it was the first crystal i ever got, about 25 years ago at a fair... 2 old friends :-)
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LeaRoseQuartz's Avatar
LeaRoseQuartz  LeaRoseQuartz is offline
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Rose quartz is my favorite. Hence my web name. I have always loved the color pink, especially this stone. It is so gentle and calming. Amethyst comes in a close second.
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moonbear  moonbear is offline
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Moonstone. It sits by my computer and I use it sometimes when meditating. I also charge it up under the full moon when possible, it makes it seem special somehow. It's not the prettiest stone but it has significance for me because of the moon connection.
I used to love tiger's eye but not so much now. I've always loved amethyst but it doesn't have the special meaning that moonstone has
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dicey  dicey is offline
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I love rose quartz since it seems to calm me down when I feel stressed out, and i found it effective in rekindling love back into my relationship :-D

Next would be amethyst,because it is my birthstone and i've always been attracted to the deep purple color.
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