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I think that from the LWB the card meaning can be close to the traditional card, along with the excellent additional interpretations given earlier in this thread. I also really like the idea of the four Aces and Ludy being present
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Pam O 

Originally Posted by Hemera View Post
Five girls? Well so it is!! This ruins the idea of the four Aces. A pity because that was such a neat idea...
I too thought of the 4 Aces when I saw the 4 vampire-like women. I compared hair color to the Aces. The hair color matched, but then I saw the woman's hair in the Ace of Cups is much shorter, wand is cut with bangs. Neither of the dark haired women have bangs in the Magician. Then I read the posts and saw mention of the 5th woman.

Originally Posted by RunningWild View Post
I went back to look as I thought I'd stared at that card plenty. How did I miss the fifth? And there she was. Hiding. I wouldn't toss out the idea that the four whose faces we see represent the Aces just yet. The fifth, since we can't see much of her, may be the ever elusive and mysterious Ludy Lescot.
So, I looked back at the Magician, and sure enough, there is the 5th woman plain as day. How could that be? The 5th woman's face is hidden. I realized I was looking at the 4 faces.

That is so trippy:
The 5th woman is right there in plain sight, yet most of us missed seeing her when we first studied this Magician card! What else are we missing either in the cards, or in real life?!
What a great example of the illusion that the Magician expresses!
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Also about the shining solar plexus there is a flute like shape hovering there? A grown fool perhaps?
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4 Women?

Originally Posted by Aerin View Post
*bounces up and down excitedly*

I think that the four women are the four Aces.

I checked their hair colour and it fits.
Look closely Aerin.... There are five women
But I do still think that these are the four aces and ....
Has everyone forgotten that in the tarot we DO have a fifth element (spirit) suit (Triumphs),
seems it has slipped everyone's mind here!
And who is the Ace of the Major Arcana?
Why the Fool is it not?
We see the fool in the last card trying to keep her innocence, but here I fear she is about to lose it for real.
Her four sexy mates have set things up for her and fluffed the magicians flute until his chakra burns brightly enough to steal away her innocence and give her the first set of tools she will need down this path of knowledge.
As with Eve, she is about to taste some forbidden fruit!
Sex Magick!

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