New Vision - The High Priestess

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New Vision - The High Priestess

Instead of a frontal view, this is reversed-you see the back of the High Priestess, still seated, but gazing out onto a sea, which seems to be semi-tranquil for the moment. The crescent moon 'normally' seen at her feet is now high in the sky, maybe portraying not only a change in physical perspective but time as well? The two pillars are there, only reversed; black & white, Jachin & Boaz. Her veil with pomegranates is draped over her right, pooling on the floor behind her like a bridal train. An owl sits on top of a halved pomegranate at its feet, staring directly at you, daring...what? Unlock the mysteries & knowledge he is guarding? Another difference between this version & the RWS High Priestess is the missing 'mantle', or 'tora' book/scroll. Maybe it's still in her lap that we can't see. Also, there's the addition of two supplicants behind her back, bowing & with hands folded as if in prayer-their garb is in opposition to the pillars they stand behind-black to white & white to black. They seem reverential & this High Priestess also seems very coy to me. What's going on behind the scene here? What do the two 'nuns' represent? They're so similar to the Hierophant...
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