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New Vision - The Empress

Normally, the empress is facing us. On this card, she's staring off into the distance - verdant rolling hills with a meandering roadway snaking its way up it. She's still comfortably seated & cushioned on a stone throne; however, she is wearing a crown of stars & holding a golden bulbous staff & her gown is emblazoned with pomegranates. Instead of a shield, a pillow rests at her back with Venus' symbol decorating it. The field of wheat is still at her feet but the whole scene is rotated. Two naked children, boy & girl, kneel behind her, lovingly stroking a white swan. Before the road, an ornate metallic gate stands invitingly open. She looks to be tranquilly monitoring her kingdom, with her will making the countryside thrive. Obviously, the children are feeling very comfortable, especially given their nakedness. She seems to not only be making things happen, but waiting for something, doesn't she? In addition to this card's traditional meanings relating to Mother Nature & all it encompasses, I think it reiterates to feminine intuition, inner promptings, patience, planning, all the while multi-tasking your 'everyday' life.
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