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Zombie tarot - No. 4 - The Emperor

Any more thoughts?? This is just my tongue in cheek take.

Now is not the time to lose your head. Leave that to those outside who are about to realise you are no push over. Keep your cool, knowing even then your body temperature is still going to higher than that of the first undead who is unlucky enough to break through the barrier you have erected. That kid is looking up to you, and rightly so. You are his protector and the one likely to recreate a sense of calm. Not sure though, he should be behind you. If they do break through he is likely to be first in the firing line, but maybe that has been your plan all along. It shows you don't let sentiment get in the way of carrying out your duty. What's a little collateral damage if you have another kid waiting at home anyway. So, what is going to be your weapon of choice when push comes to shove? The hatchet or the rifle? One thing's for sure - you can't use both at the same time, so now is the time to really think things through and do some planning whilst you still have time. Otherwise there is a risk that kid will not be able to carry off the brag at school of "my dad is harder than your dad". Procrastinate, and he won't actually have a dad left to brag about.
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He still has his hat on Love your take...

yeah the little guy should not be first in the line of fire... unless its the artists perspective of trying to show that the guy is protecting the boy, but this was the only way he could get the door in too!!!

He looks a bit smug..... he thinks those Zombies are gone..... how long before one slithers under the door.... while he is looking ahead he cant see whats going on behind him....!
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lol.... the way he stands there reminds me a little of the Indiana Jones approach. It could go wrong. But he looks confident, so you sort of buy into the fact he knows what he is doing.
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He wants to be the hero this emperor is protecting the young. There is trust for this emperor that he is infact the hero the little boy looks up to him. He has tools in hand when his rifle runs out of bullets he will knuckle down to some full combact. He is still wearing a suit under than get up.. he is has a lot of self control a problem with letting himself go fully into the mood..
The door is barred will it hold up for ever there is a lot of pressure perhaps to get near to this emperor figure you are really going to have to push hard against his defenses.
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ana luisa 

A question for you who are so observant: why is it that in this card, the father, supposedly a strong man, is all covered (jaquet, gloves and the like) while his boy is wearing shorts, has his arms exposed (Zombie bite !) ? Also, why is it that his colors are much more vivid while the boy seems pale ? Any ideas ?
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