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Zombie tarot - No. 1 The Magician

. Yep, if you look the part you can fool anyone into thinking you can back the talk up with the walk. A test tube and white coat does not a scientist make, but hey - we can all remember having fun with chemistry sets as a kid, and wondering what would be the biggest thing we could blow up. Success does often come with a cost, and at one end that could be in the form of an arm and a leg. We can only assume he hasn't yet found a use for the leg, but he will. He is resourceful and if anything if it doesn't go to plan, he could sell off the concoction as a meaty broth and still come out on top. Or distil it and sell it in Greek bars as a liquer. Something with a highly original name (not) like 'zombie'. After a skinful, who cares if it tastes rank - as long as it makes you legless right? Heck knows what he is making, and I bet he would be hard pushed to give it a name himself but you know the saying - 'fortune favours the brave'. Shame it didn't favour the guy who put up the fight to keep his leg but there you go.
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To me he reminds me of the things I read about scientists in the late 1940s-50s, with all of the Space Age technology and the promises of a Better Tomorrow. We were promised The House of Tomorrow with all the amazing house appliances and we wouldn't have to do anything. We were promised flying cars and jetpacks and atomic power and easy space travel and that technology will solve all our problems. Instead we got pollution, environmental devastation, nuclear accidents, instant "food" and the threat of nuclear war.

And in this case, zombies. This scientist looks like he is doing experiments on a zombie leg and the zombie virus. I like the stars coming out of the cauldron, maybe he is trying to unlock the secrets of the universe. Perhaps he is looking for a cure or he is looking to make some great scientific discovery that may help others and change the world. And he may accidently create and unleash the zombie virus that destroys humanity.
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Look at that smug smile... So cocky, this Magician !! He looks like a quack to me. As someone who knows a bit of many things but has never really digged deep into a subject. Definitely, not a specialist. But likes to boast about his knowledge and his talents. The dead foot may allude to the fact that, as a physician, he is truly just taking the first steps and, if he continues with this attitude, the dead foot won´t take him very far...
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Hah! this guy looks way too over confident...he's so sure of himself he doesn't need to even pay attention to what he's doing because he's just so amazing at what he does. Which leads to carelessness, and mistakes. Maybe he's just too smart for his own good that he now bores himself so he has to cause a stir?
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