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Zombie tarot - Nine of Swords

. Typical guy. When you get a small head cold, you act as if you have bubonic plague. Get a minor toothache, and you admit yourself to the ER and then insist on a shedload of pain killers. That nurse knows the score, but she is just playing along to humour you. Seriously she is. Thus the reason for the mask. It hides her manic grin. Thing is, you have been caught out for being the wuss you really are. If you want pain killers it comes in shot form. Well, you can't have it both ways my friend. If you act the hypercondriac, and see issues where there aren't any you will be caught out in the end. I bet you still think there are monsters under your bed at home as well. To be honest there probably are, but that's another story for another day. There are most definitely things to be genuinely fretting about, but you seem to be focussing on the wrong ones. For instance, did you take a close look at what it was that gave you that bite. Now THAT is something you should be worried about. Ready for that shot now? I thought you might be.
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A true test of manhood... If he is really sick, he wouldn't mind taking a shot for the pain would he ? I wonder why she's aiming the needle "there"?
A person who seems to be into your lies and fantasy is not being deceived. They're just playing along until they can catch you in the act or unveil your true you.
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It's a nurse's job to inflate balls. Broken manhood is of no use at all.
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