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Zombie tarot - Eight of Cups

Travelling light may well be the way to go here. You don't need anything to slow you down. If you hesitate, or let sentiment get in the way you may find you lose the opportunity to leave altogether. Say goodbye to your friends and family. They are not what they used to be, and you know in your heart, it is time to cut any ties and start afresh. Especially when you take into account in short time, they are going start smelling far from fresh. You may think you can help the poor guy in the background there, but trust me - he is beyond help, so put your own needs first. Or you may be wondering if the car will be of any use to you. It may be, but do you really want to go back to find out? No, you have made the first tentative steps, so just keep walking. If that zombie decides to be a pain in the rear just spear her with a stiletto. She has ulterior motives for wanting you to stay and she will definitely NOT have your interests at heart. In fact it is your heart she is most interested in.
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Things look like they are going from bad to worse here not only are there zombies chasing after you to get a piece of you there is a big ol storm coming. I also feel with the car being yellow the idea of leaving to go to a better place. She has grabbed everything important to her but this journey will be a lonely one as she has to cut all ties so it is a little painful to go but if you want to survive it is something you have to seriously consider.
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Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore...

Going back to homeland, revisiting old friends, looking back or simply reevaluating things has proven to be much uglier and harder than you predicted.
There's no "home" any more.
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