Relationship breakup suggestions?

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Relationship breakup suggestions?

I'd like to know good spreads focusing on damaged relationships, understanding the whys, the takeaways, possibilities in the future, and other relevant information that helps me deal with a relationship. Normal relationship spreads confuse me a lot because they show as if the relationship was taking place and sometimes happy when it is not, at least for me. Thanks!
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Ex-Lover Spread

Got this around here somewhere, but don't remember who made it.

1. Where they stood in the beginning:
2. What changed for him?
3. What changed for her?
4. How they ended:
5. How he felt about the break-up:
6. How she felt about the break-up:
7. How he feels about it now:
8. How she feels about it now:
9. How he feels about her now:
10. How she feels about him now:
11. What does he want in regards to her?
12. What does she want in regards to him?
13. What does their future hold as a couple?
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