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Fairy Lights Tarot- Favourite cards

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Fairy Lights Tarot- Favourite cards

I love most of the cards so it is not easy to name favourites And all the cards begin to make a lot more sense when you see the other half and you can look at the whole painting and see the story that it is a part of.
The World and Death are beautiful cards even on their own and I think I especially love the Four of Wands.
The story that seems to unfold in the Empress and its pair 5/Wands looks really fascinating and another pair I have been working with recently is the 2/Wands and 7/Pentacles.
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I had this deck a few weeks now and slowly gotten to know it. the first day I picked out some of my fave cards and among those are these 3.
The High Priestess is so lovely, abandoning everything to spend time with her book. 7 of wands just happens to be the other side of that card.
Funny thing is that in the LWB it says for 7 of wands : (use above image, formerly 6 of pentacles)
so I guess the image was re-assigned. Since this deck is not a RWS clone it works either way. I can see it as someone saying goodbye - but also as someone saying hello and accepting a helping hand.

The 5 of swords I love just cause it makes me think of not throwing pearls to swines, but this piggy is quite adorable.
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I adore the Death card in this deck, and the 7 of Wands and Ace of Pentacles, but I have only just received it and still exploring. I concur with all that has been said about it so far, it is stunning, the cardstock is perfect and shuffles beautifully too. Now I must get The Secret Forest deck.

Looking forward to more play, just did a 3 card draw assigning each card to a college subject to see which I should take... interesting result!! I shall record it anyway.
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The Lovers. I come up with a new story for them every time I see them.
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I recently bought this deck as a birthday present for myself, and I was immediately enamoured with the 2 of Chalices, used as the back image for the deck's box. It's so emotionally vivid and atmospheric, especially when paired with its matching card. So many other loved cards though. What a gem of a deck!
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I've been working with this one lately, and I really love the 2 of Disks. It's so lonely...it's so "at home"...it's so peaceful...it's so longing...

It makes me feel many different things, and I just love that sweet white creature!

But I think ultimately, they're all my favorite. That one just stands out to me; it's also a bit different from most of the other cards.
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