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Originally Posted by celticnoodle View Post
. When you asked "Copies CN?" I'm not sure what you're asking. Spell it out for me, please? I will blame it on being 7:30am and not enough tea in me yet.
)) No worries sweetie, it was a weak attempt at irony, at 2:30ish in the morning. I saw The DNA Chain as The Copies in my mind. You know how DNA repeats/refreshes/copies itself over and over again. It just made sense to me in that way.
DNA = Copies.

of course they were less then receptive. Most doctors, like engineers, live in a black and white world ONLY. The are only interested and believe in things that can be proven scientifically--and don't go in for this sort of stuff. HOwever, every now and again, you'll meet an extraordinary Dr. or Engineer or other person, who is at least willing to listen to information this.
I chalked it up to arrogance or greed on this drs account. He couldn't see anything beyond his own prescribed treatment.

yes! yes! I know this is all correct. Its not easy to do this--to believe in it with all your heart and soul, but this is it, Starri! I feel it. I know it is correct too. However, when one is being thrown a nasty curve ball that hurts or at least throws you off course, it is so very difficult for us to understand that this is true. Thus, here lies the real test for each of us. The strength to continue to believe this and to get back on track. back on our spiritual path. Some of us can easily do this--some of us, myself included--it depends on what it is exactly that we are dealing with.
I agree.

Oh yes! I am so glad you posted all this here, Starri. It is sure to help me and others!
Me too. I have always maintained that coming together at this place in time is not random.
I will always share in hopes that what has helped me will also find meaning for the other dreamers and readers of The Dream Team.

I also hope you are able to do this for your friend. My prayers are with you all on that. Its so funny that you brought this up now when you did, as I am finding myself being led to this sort of way again. There is so much I wish I could talk to you about with this now, but will have to rely on emails/PMs. One being shot off to you soon! thanks again Starri for the update!
Thank you, I see your message in my box. I want to be at a point in my day where I can read and respond without interruptions.
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