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Originally Posted by prudence View Post
I want to submit my paypal payment for the Bonefire, but I am stuck on the shipping there a flat fee for shipping to the US or is it specific by state or something?

How did you all figure out the shipping fees?

Thank you for any help you can give me.
I'm in the U.S. (Georgia), and my total with shipping was $38.70. But she will need to send you an invoice, so as Winterchild said, do email her.
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I ordered my deck through ebay, which automatically includes your shipping costs and uses Paypal.
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Thanks so much, Winterchild, Bodhiseed and Rosewater,

I just got an email from Gabi and have the rates. Yay, no more cold sweats.
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Ooo-weee! I received my deck today and I just HAD to come over to this thread and gush!! even though many others have already gushed more eloquently than I ever could. It has exceeding my expectations in so many ways - the bright colors on the dark background, the matte feel of the cards, the symbolic imagery. Even though I had viewed the cards online prior to purchasing, I am overwhelmed by their beauty in person. They are striking! I love the energy, the busyness. I hope Gabi does decide to write a companion book that describes the sybolism of the images she chose, even though I know this would be huge undertaking. I am sure that this deck will be my choice for best new deck of 2013. There isn't any other that has excited me nearly so much yet this year. GUSH!

Originally Posted by tarot heart View Post
Oh! Oh! And the bag you made! I really love felt bags and the way you patterned it is so simple yet so elegant. The deck fits like a glove, just love it!!!!
I completely agree with Tarot Heart about the's just perfect for the deck. And it means I don't have to make one myself, which my lazy butt appreciates immensely.

Thank you Gabi, for being such a marvelous artist and sharing your heart and soul with the world. I will cherish this deck for many, many years to come.
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Another Bonefire safely acros the Tasman!!

My deck is here!! It arrived on my *BIRTHDAY* which was pure perfection as I bought it for myself as a birthday gift!! Only had time to glance through but it is gorgeous Gabi... love the cardstock too.

More when I get time to breathe in this beauty

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Another Bonefire glowing in Oz.

Yay! Got the Bonefire in the mail yesterday and spent the best part of the afternoon and evening reveling in it. Usually in looking at a new deck I find at least one disappointing card, but not so with this one. They are all awesome in the truest sense of the word! Among the artist's many innovations, I loved the pine cone wands. But what also wowed me were the accompanying little touches - the hand-sewn pouch, the handwritten LWB, the signed card. Treasures upon treasures! Thank you, Gabi, for sharing with us so much of your talent and insight through the Bonefire Tarot. This is a landmark deck.
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I am so looking forward to receiving this deck, have a feeling it could become one of my very special go-to decks. Haven't received any notice that it's been shipped yet, but it seems Gabi is currently on the move so it could possibly take some extra time.

Not that I won't be patient, but I'm so excited about this deck that I'll probably be stalking the mailman some more than I usually do
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I received my Bonefire unexpectedly last night

Having been a busy day, after all was said and done, I lay on the couch and looked at every card (then proceeded to fall asleep lol).

What struck me was my fascination with the detail. I don't think I have ever stared at a Fool card for so long. Whilst the Majors are brilliant, obviously, it was the Minors that gave me the most joy. Just from that first look, the 4 of Swords and the 2 of Cups really caught my attention due to their layers of meaning.

Whilst I didn't connect immediately with every card (unheard of), I am excited to go back and have another look at those cards which gave me pause to try and connect with my own understanding, like the 9 of Wands.

I love the flowing nature of the images and how different aspects of the characters and objects connect through whirling fluidity.

The card stock is wonderful, right up my alley, almost perfect (I would have liked it just slightly thinner).

I didn't get a chance to read the LWB, but did read a quote near the beginning that made me giggle ... I won't spoil it

It feels like an enduring deck, one that will be with me for the long haul, through many transformations and manifestations.

Congratulations Gabi and Namaste
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I got my Bonfire yesterday and I'm afraid my feeble English won't do it justice. It is one of the most beautiful decks I have ever seen. The colors go extremely well with the satin finish and the black background. Every card is composed so meaningfully, they speak right to your heart. I'm sure there will be new things to discover in this deck for a long time to come. I also love the size, it calls to me "I am your take-me-anywhere-deck".

The whole presentation melted my heart: the personal card by Gabi, the handmade pouch fitting the deck perfectly, the signed card, the handwritten LWB... So different from all the mass market decks.

Thanks Gabi for this wonderful gift to our community. I will always treasure it!
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Dear Gabi, is your beautiful deck already sold out?
There is an ebay action now with 75$.
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