Fairy Lights~Seven of Chalices

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Fairy Lights~Seven of Chalices

I was a bit confused by the LWB text for this card because it seemed to speak of something else than this card. But I have now had this card come up in two very different situations where the other one seemed to echo the picture and the other one the LWB text. Interesting, to say the least!
The LWB says: "Precious gifts are offered to you all the time, but you may not fully appreciate them. Take stock of what you already have before you seek more."
To me the girl looks appreciative of the pearls she is receiving. She has a content smile on her face. But only last week this card came up in a reading where the LWB interpretation was spot on.

In RWS this is the "Castles in the Air"- or "Daydream"-card.

Some thoughts on this card:

* receiving a gift
* listening to/learning from someone older or from the past
* listening to your unconscious
* attending to your dreams and intuition
* being able to see value in something unexpected
* being able to tell the good pearls (on the rock beside her) from the bad ones (that vanish in the air)
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