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I feel as if I am under going a rebirth and everything around me is showing its true face as no longer suitable for me. I feel as if I am growing stronger as to walk away from all the abuse with family friends and tenants here, I even get abuse when I am out as well I dont fit in never will so I dont try to! I love half my hair blonde and half brown right now, I simply dont care. a bit Sia my hair right now. Totally way out there!
Yet here where I live everyone is jeans t shirts and track bottoms, so I stand out like a sore thumb and of course its seen as the issue family hate it too.Ive never been and never will be conventional I just look awful dressed in normal clothing I look as if someone grabbed Elvira in full make up and threw her into a cardigan it just doesnt look right on me and wouldnt on elvira too unless it had spiderweb design and some studs to the shoulders. I just cant do normal when forced to wear a bridesmaids dress I now hide the photos and the dress I did 100% whole family happy as I looked like a clone of them. except my mum who said oh just cut your hair if you want to, as soon as it was over I threw the dress over ran upstairs got my mums scissors and said mum for goodness sake cut my hair! I get bored very fast with hair dye and I like being here as, I feel others here know how I feel.

she did and she dyed it red blonde and black! and gave me an amethyst pendant she had said, ok here's what I use to do with it wear this as a belt! I still do today speaking of which I probably need that now. she then during that time got a bag a medicine bag from quebec green and the bottom is fluffy, state sits hand made real native Canadian goods, dyed green and filled it with some trinkets and her rose quartz she bought. I still keep it just that way, when I feel 100% bad I open it dig in and feel the love there. my mum seemed to love rose quartz and very drawn to its colour saw it as angelic. yes my mum believed so did auntie and gran and a few others way back. This is seen as Taboo hushed up in a predominantly Christian family who arent Christian when it comes to it. I will 100% help them yet if something happens to me they run the opposite direction. I have put my brother up when in trouble and helped him yet no response now. I dont regret it as I got to know a brother who I didnt know through childhood and I value those times.

hope im not too off topic as I simply have bottled up a ton of stuff.

Time to dig into that bag Il have to photograph the finds as it seems only fair.
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