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Fairy Lights Card Pair - Temperance and ***

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Fairy Lights Card Pair - Temperance and ***

The Temperance is an undersea Fairy who looks like a medusa. There is another smaller one beside her but it looks more like an ordinary medusa. They are raising up towards the surface of the ocean. The Medusa Fairy mingles the waters and makes magic. She has two jars in her hands and the water that flows between them looks like double stranded DNA. It also looks a bit like flower garland. There is sunlight (fire) above and water below and the Medusa Fairy does what most Temperance cards do: she unites opposites and makes a harmonious blend. She seems to create beauty and art and she looks very calm and serene.

The card pair to Temperance is the Two of Swords which can also be called the card of Balanced Tensions. There are two islands and what seems to be a bridge over troubled waters. Water monsters are circling around the island and the bridge but they are not very threatening. It seems like it´s a sunny day and the water snakes are enjoying the sun. They might attack if you were to drop in the water but there is no danger if you stay on the bridge. Maybe the zeppelin is waiting for you so there are two escapes from the perils of this card (the bridge and the zeppelin).
In this card you can see that the magic has already happened and the undersea Medusa Fairy is now flying up in the air.

There are many twos in this card pair: two medusas, two jars, two balloons, two islands two roads (separated by the bridge)and 2+2 water snakes.
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When I look at Temperance by itself, it seems to be under water. A fairy that looks half jellyfish swims (floats?) upward, and he is pouring something between two vessels. It has the spiral form of DNA, which is fascinating. All life in balance? All the possibilities of life in one little strand of DNA. The careful combinations of Temperance suddenly take on new meaning.

But the other card of this pair shows an island, with a dirigible moored to it. Enormous sea creatures eye the fragile golden bridge between island and — is it the mainland or another island? So maybe the creatures in Temperance are air creatures? Interesting. The Two of Swords is usually about stalemates, or some kind of tension or indecision. There’s definitely a tension between these two cards, over what environment this is: above the water or under it. And perhaps Temperance is an answer to the indecision in the Two. If you can find a balance, a middle way, a careful combination…then the stalemate might end?
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Yes I must admit that I have to agree more with Bookwight on this. I see Temperance more as a flying jellyfish than a Medusa creature. Sorry Hemera

I also think that these two cards marry quite well together in the fact that in order to make a decision we have to find balance and equilibrium or we just face indecision or indeed we make the wrong choice.
Temperance is of the fire element, Jellyfish live in Water, but here we see them in the Air flying over Earth. So here I see Temperance for what she really stands for. Equilibrium and the ability to Temper any of the two elements together.
Therefore if these two cards show up as a proper pair facing as they should (XIV + 2) I would be inclined to interpret the meaning to my client that a decision has to be made but they should worry not for they already have the right answer, they just need to trust in themselves.
if they showed up together as opposing cards (2 + XIV) then I would feel a warning to get a second opinion with the decision making process because I would fear that my client was heading into the danger zone of making the wrong decision, if left to his/her own devices.

These two cards elementally are extremely active as Fire + Air burn like a welders torch, together they can create and/or destroy!

Let me know what you think...

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