Liber T - Tarot of the Stars Eternal - Seven of Swords: Weakness/Futilty

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Liber T - Tarot of the Stars Eternal - Seven of Swords: Weakness/Futilty

I would like some input on this card if anyone is willing to contribute.

Stars Eternal
(Thanks to WolfyJames)

The symbolism is a little confusing past the classic Thoth depiction, but even that is in question.

Lets start with where he copied the Thoth. Six Swords each marked with a planet pinning down a larger Sol Sword. The meaning behind this is simple; Sol of Tiphareth is being suppressed by the Sepheriot that normally support or feed it. Sol's situation matches the Thoth name for the card, Futility.
My question is in regards not to the meaning, but to the order of Planetary suppressing swords. Roberto didn't exactly copy Harris' depiction. Was there reason for this?

Next I'd like to note the robbed figure holding a severed head. The Queen of Swords has a similar situation. In her card it means a freedom of mind, thinking outside your limits, and also portrays the hardened widow. None of the cards linked to the Queen are Aquarius/Luna, but I still think there's an association here. The seventh Sepheriot is Netzack, symbolized by Venus thus the connection.
The black robe and hidden Hermit likeness? I can't say.

Then we have a headless man surrounded by six disembodied baby heads... creepy. I can't guess what this means past confusion and uncertainty.

Lastly there is the big fat baby breaking the horizon. I'm at a loss.
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