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Margarete Petersen Study Six of Swords - reversal of polarities, exchange of thoughts

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Oh, Gardener, thank you so much for drawing such insightful parallels between the Blue Rose and Margarete Petersen 6 of Swords/Feathers. Your analogy seems so obvious once highlighted but, in truth, I don't know that the striking similarities would have clicked for me had you not pointed them out. (Interestingly, both cards have turned up in readings I have done over the last few days.)

Firstly, this deck has just come into my world. Thus, I am just beginning to assimilate and consider it's images, one baby step at a time! So everything I write constitutes "first blush" impressions.

In looking at the MP 6 of Feathers card, I was very much reminded of the RWS card which shows individuals huddled in a boat which appears to be moving away from troubled waters. As a person who lives very close to nature, the 6 of Feathers image reminds me of the reflections one finds being mirrored in water while canoeing. Because of the movement and subsequent water's ripples, the reflected images always appear to be disjointed and fragmented. Overlaying the fragmented reflection, the feathers appear to be coming together like the spokes of a wheel and constitute a juxtaposition that suggests movement and passage to me. It's an image that also reminds me of the importance of maintaining perspective and finding one's stabile center during periods of movement and passage.

But then, what is being reflected? Is it the Sun? Is it the Moon? The LWB says, "Cultivate a harmonious relationship between your mind and feelings". Perhaps one might at least consider that both the Sun and the Moon are being reflected? There does appear to be two separate half circles being reflected.
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Originally Posted by Mimers
A dream catcher looks a lot like a web. It is made of sticks that are made into something like a wreath. String is woven in the center like a spider web. Things that are special to the person are woven into it. For instance my daughter was gifted one and it has shells and turquoise woven in it. There are usually feathers hanging on the bottom. There is also four sacks tied to represent North, South East and West and they contain sage. They are Red, black, yellow and white. Evil spirits are said not to like the smell of sage.
Interesting, Mimers -- it sure does sound like what is depicted here. (does it work? LOL)
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Little Baron 

This does look like a spiders web to me as well. A little blured by mist, it hangs over a pond. The moon shines in reflection, as we reflect.

That 'five' really bothered me. It was so ridden with anxiety. That little guy with the big head and sword was in pain. When I was younger [and still, on occasion], I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks. They would centre around my throat and I would not be able to breath. They were there when i went to bed and there when I woke up. Metaphorically, if I could have stabbed them with a sword, I would have. I just hope that to fine peace, the little guy did not have to literally kill himself to end the pain.

But the result, in the 6, is peace and quiet - harmony and tranquil water.

The web stretches out. It connects to others. And we can make our way, finally, from one side of the pond to the other, with it's help. It is like mental recovery. How could we ever have gotton through this without the security of the web. It is a bridge, aided by the six feathers of support.

There is balance here, finally, after the testing time in the '5'.

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