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slowly progressing

thank you all for your kind encouragement. I have finished all of the threes, and have started on the fours.

the final one added to this group is the Three of Pentacles.

Three of Pentacles
Keywords: Teamwork, Planning, Competence

In a corner of the hay loft we see three cats who are working together to raise a litter of kittens. A nursing mom, a solicitous attendent and a succesful huntress returning with her prize. You may think that cats are solitary creatures. Or you may wonder what sort of work does a cat need to do anyway. In our domesticated world we forget that the work of life ultimately revolves around the procurement of food and shelter, and the raising of a family. In cat colonies there is cooperation in the accomplishment of these tasks. The team is often composed of related female cats, but male cats attached to the colony play their role as well.

The energy of the Pentacles suit speaks to those aspects of life which are down to earth. The basic needs we all share. The Three of Pentacles reminds us that most work proceeds more easily when we join with others who share a common goal.
Each of these cats could provide for herself and her kittens, but working together makes the job easier and the chances of success greater. There is satisfaction in a job well done, pride in skill and competance (especially when recognized by your peers), and efficiency in a division of labor. Exquisitely adaptable, cats living in groups choose to work together and make their work easier and more enjoyable.

When the Three of Pentacles appears in a reading it may be a call to examine how you are approaching the work of living. Are you spending enough time planning? Are you doing those tasks most suited to your individual talents? Are you working as part of a team? Have you taken the time to give recognition and thanks to your co-workers?
Have you found contentment and security in your work? Meaningful work, performed well, within the context of the group, is the focus of the Three of Pentacles.

thanks again for your interest in the progress of this deck
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Your three of swords reminds me so much of my childhood. Not because of anywhere that I've been that looks like that scene, but from a book I read when I was a kid.

I can't recall the name of the book, but it may have been simply the name of the main character of the book, a cat called .. hmm, now this is testing me .. i *think* the cat's name was Merniva .. no, I don't think that's it. It had the 'niva' in it, or at least that sound in it. I'm sure I have the right number of syllables. It was an unusual sounding name.

It was all about a cat that was accidentally left at the beach & all about how she survived until her family came to claim her again or maybe another family started to look after her.

He scene could be from that book! I don't think the book was actually illustrated, so maybe that's the scene that was built in my mind from reading the book.

Has anyone read this book? Everytime I look at that card it reminds me of it.

Minerva!!! That's the name! It was Minerva!

I think I'm going to have to look up that book somehow & read it again. *chuckle*

Thanks for bringing up some lovely memories of my bookworm days as a kid (which was a much longer time ago than I always think that it was. I probably read that book as a ten year old, which is more than twenty years ago now).
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Beautiful Cats!

The artwork on this deck is truly beautiful. And I love the ideas of naturalistic, rather than fantastical, cats in both images and descriptions.

I am humbled by the exceptional quality of "amateur" art. Put me in line for a first edition. I guess when you publish, you won't be an amateur any more!

By the way, what is the medium? I am not an artist, just a curious cat! Thanks for sharing.
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Thank you for your kind words. The medium is watercolor. The originals are 5.5" x 8.5" on 140lb hot press Windsor Newton paper.

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Deb, please let me know when you've finished the deck. What you've done so far has me hankering to have the whole deck in my hot little hands.
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The fours......

It has been a while since I last posted to this message thread. It appears that I did not post the fours even though they had been completed some months ago. I am almost done with the last of the fives and will post them soon.... anyway you can view the fours at this link

I have received quite a few emails from visitors to aeclectic's tarot decks section who have seen my deck there. I think I have replied to all who took the time to contact me. It has been nice to get so much positive feedback.

I have continued to progress at the rate of about one card a month. The deck is a little over half way complete. :-)
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Hi Deb,

These are just superb.... and so many Connor cats (my 'redbag' cat who passed just over a year ago, and for whom I am still grieving terribly). Your work is just amazing, and you capture the feel of each card so purrrrfectly!

mythos aka wild
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Aura Wolf 

They are looking wonderful! I can't wait until you finish the deck.
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Chronata beautiful!

Your cats evokes such a dreamy realism..(.I guess that's not a contradiction when refering to felines!)

I had almost forgotten about this deck! (I'm not sure how...when it is so gorgeous!)

I am very, very happy to hear that you are progressing with it!

I just love the four of swords...
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I'm so pleased to see the new cards - thanks for posting them. These cards always make me smile because they are just so recognisable. This is going to be a glorious deck for cat people. Glad to hear it's progressing so well.
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