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I finished the Five of Cups this weekend. Here are the fives for each suit.

I have been writing first drafts of the card descriptions and interpretations and posting them on the MSN community Tarot for Life in the Creating a Deck folder. If anyone would like to read those.

Thank you for all of your kind words.

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Yay ! I am glad your deck is progressing so well catdoc
I have been thinking about it as it was so long since you posted here (but I am not one of those who contacted you)
Hm I just bought a fabric on ebay with a cat pattern ~ that will sure come in handy for a nice bag once the deck is ready (but I also have other decks who would find such a bag fitting )
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Oh, I like them all very much, but particularly love the Five of Wands - yes, that scene really is great for the meaning of this card - and SO familiar to anyone who has been around young cats.
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Oh I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED kitties. I lost my 2 last year and I have been grieving so much, but I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED a couple of those orange tabbies from the 5 of wands ..... particularly that leaping larry of the group.

I love these cards catdoc ... so beautiful ... achingly so.

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Update - The Sixes are complete...

It has been a while since my last posting, but I am stilling making progress on my deck. I know that many of you have not forgotten me and are patiently waiting as I work on this labor of love. Your encouraging emails are much appreciated.

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Hi catdoc,

I certainly had not forgotten! I have been reading your descriptions over on Tarot for Life. I like those and they really amplify the art.

The one with the kitties watching the cow being milked is so great! Also love that cat sitting in his cat carrier thinking dark 'vet' thoughts.
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thanks Marion,
The kitty on the Six of Swords doesn't look as though she is entirely sure that she is on the path to recovery does she...

I had the opportunity to spend quite a bit of time in dairy barns early in my veterinary career and a gathering of cats is a common site. There is a great photo of a man milking a cow and aiming a squirt of milk at a kitty waiting for just such a treat. If I had seen that photo before I finished this card I would have been tempted to use it as the model for the Six of Pentacles. The cat pose in the photo is wonderful and the man's aim impecable.

By the way, I love your quote. The world does need people alive with passion for what they are doing.
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Oh my..... those are SO sweet Deb....thanks for the update!

It has been awhile, but we have not forgotten....your kitties are so precious, this is a deck well worth waiting for!

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Wow these are gorgeous, not usually fond of cat decks but these are so soft.
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Major Tom 

Thanks for the update catdoc.

It's great to see your progress. I suspect there's quite a few folk waiting (not so) patiently to you to finish this deck.
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