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The Sevens are complete...

My Cat's Eye Tarot now contains 50 cards. 28 more cards to paint. So many things required my time and attention in 2006 my progress slowed to a crawl. Oddly, if I were told that I had only 6 months to live the one thing that I would want to concentrate my time and attention on would be the completion of this deck... I hope to give it the attention that it deserves in the coming year.

The sevens were an interesting challenge. I wonder, do cats actually step back and assess progress towards a goal? Do they expect reward for their work? What are they really saying when they spray urine on the wall? Do they daydream about life's possibilities? Cats do seem to provoke in order to test their mettle. They certainly take their own sweet time deciding if they really want to be in or out when you open the door :-)

The Sevens are a turning point in each of the suits. When they appear in a reading it is probably an indication that we need to assess how the energy of that suit is contributing to the situation at hand.

Then we need to ask.
Do I need to make a change?
Or am I on the right course.

For Wands the energy is that of action. A creative or destructive force which can only be appraised in the context of the situation. The energy of the Cups is a passive "wouldn't that be nice" sort of appraisal of life's possibilities. The intellectual energy of the Swords as is typical results in behavior that definitely calls for further examination. Finally, the ever sensible Pentacles energy patiently steps back and takes stock before making a choice.

On to the Eights!
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The Sevens are amazing - thanks so much for sharing them with us!
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Plan like you are going to live forever, but live like you only have a few days to finish this deck :-)
Another cat lover here, that Siamese 7 is classic attitude.

Originally Posted by Simone
I'm not really a deck collector (only have 4 ...Tarots, and a few (have not counted) Oracle decks), but this one really appeals to me!

Light and Love
Looking at your profile, my how times have changed :-) Between 2004 and 2007!
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I adore this deck Deb. Have been watching it for a year or three now.

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Originally Posted by AJ
Another cat lover here, that Siamese 7 is classic attitude.
Isn't it just
I am glad you are still working on your deck, catdoc. Eagerly looking forward to the complete deck ! But I am sure you are very busy curing kitties.
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OMG!!! My siamese would do the same thing if he were displeased... especially if he couldn't go outside. I will get this deck when it's done just for that card alone!!
Ok... so act like you have 6 months to finish so we can all get this deck. LOL.
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disclaimer: I don't care for decks atht use animals or are very non-traditional. it is just my taste i guess.

HOWEVER, with that said, this deck is the most amazing i have ever seen in the animal style decks!!! Each card has capture the overall meaning of the card and gives space for intuitive work as well. I am so AMAZED.
you have done an amazing job at capturing each cat's personality.- I have a Hymalayan Siamese and a Grey shorthair cat. -

i showed it to my partner and he was amazed at the atmostphere each card gives out.! WE, as cat and tarot lovers, WANT IT !!!

so it will go on my wishlist.

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Cat Soul

I live with 8 or so cats (some just visit) and i love this art and these images
theyed make great greeting cards...I know of a lot of folks I like to send that Simese to...nice job you know your Tarot,and you know your cats...thank you
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Great Deck

I just stumbled upon this thread and I had to say "What a great deck!" Tarot and cats, two of my loves. Now I have to find a "chocolate tarot" and I'll be in heaven
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Many Thanks...

This deck began as a way for me to better understand the tarot and as an excuse to practice my watercolor painting. Over the years thinking about how to illustrate a tarot concept using a feline image has enhanced my understanding of both cats and people.

I recently "came out of the closet" with my professional colleagues by offering a boxed set of the Bohemian Baroque Cats as a donation for a silent auction fund raiser at our fall continuing education conference. It was a major hit. Low and behold there are many cat vets who are also tarot enthusiasts, so I shared with them my personal Cat's Eye project.

I wonder if my associates would mind if I continued to collect a paycheck but took a 6 month sabaticle to finish my deck... hmm, not likely to go over too well. I guess I will have to just keep plugging along and just see if I can't pick up the pace a bit.

Having a receptive and kind audience encourages continued effort. 78 cards are an ambitious undertaking for a hobby painter.

Thank you
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