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Thank you so much for sharing your wonderfull images with us!
In a way you are a major inspiration for me (Being a vet student and hobby tarot painter myself). I have never met a vet with an interest in both art and tarot and it is wonderful to read that your colleagues accepted your interest in tarot. At my university (companion animal health department in Utrecht, the Netherlands) they are not very open minded about non-scientific subjects and it is hard to share my interests with fellow students. While I find working with animals and dealing with life and death extremely inspiring for my tarot deck creation.
Good luck on your deck, It is by far the best feline deck out there.

Love Temperlyne
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The study and practice of veterinary medicine provides such an eclectic view of the world. At first glance it would seem such a grounded, scientific and historically practical pursuit. Got to keep those horses healthy or our entire transportation system breaks down.

Then here we are in an almost overwhelming sea of scientific truth, high tech wonders, and spiritual angst and a veterinarian can "make a living" concentrating solely on the well-being of cats. Cats for goodness sake! One of the most shamelessly self-indulgent species on the planet. (Second only to ourselves I might suggest) Why? Who knows, but I love asking the questions and seeking the answers. I bet you do too.

I joined the American Association of Feline Practitioners many years ago when I was first contemplating starting a feline exclusive practice. Within its ranks are some of the most impressive scientific minds I have ever had the priviledge of knowing. Last fall some of these same individuals happily spent time contemplating the insight attainable through reflection upon the images offered in a tarot reading. Go figure :-)

Had my professional path led me to the rural all creatures great and small practice that I originally envisioned, would I be creating a tarot deck? I don't know. Most of the cows of my acquaintance seem more interested in the practical side of life. Though, they do spend a great deal of time just hanging around chewing things over, life and death generally comes down to the survival based upon utility argument that nature as well as man typically applies.

Our relationship with cats reveals an entirely different aspect of human behavior and the nature of life.

I remain a scientist at heart. A systematic observer of the world around me, I believe that it is possible to study, to predict, and to act based upon that prediction with a reasonable certainty of outcome. The gods laugh at my assumption and I plead for wisdom. They offer the Tarot, and I study.
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Hi catdoc....
I was looking through decks on Aeclectic's Database and I found yours. I looked at your website and I have to say I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your deck!

I was wondering if you are going to get it published?
Did you end up approaching a publisher?
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Still making progress...

Hi Rombchick,
Glad you found the website and the Cat's Eye Tarot deck. All of the cards are done but the court cards - and those are all on the sketch pad. The King and Queen of Cups are painted and the Knight is on the easel.

My plan is to post the court families here as a group. So it should not be too much longer before the Cups are up.

I have not yet approached a publisher - fear of rejection? fear of deadlines? Just a consumate procrastinator? all of the above?

One way or another this deck will have to be completed and printed. Too many folks have been waiting patiently for too long to just fizzle.

Thanks for the nudge.
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I'm sure I've posted this before... but i HAVE TO HAVE THIS DECK!!!

Self publish, small publisher... something!!!

Now I'm even more anxious since it's so close to being finished!
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Don't be afraid of approaching a publisher. Start with the best (experienced people here will tell you which ones) because what you've accomplished so far is extraordinary, and being Cat-themed makes it an easily marketable deck.

My first exposure to the myriad decks was on this forum. As an artist, I was baffled by the numbers of poorly-drawn decks, some of which are among the most popular.

Yours is well-drawn and planned, and I've no doubt you'll publish.

I'm in line to buy it, too!
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I've been watching this for a while and it is definately a must-have deck! The images are eloquent and beautiful - one of the best cat decks I've seen!

Any publisher who does tarot decks would be out of their mind not print it considering some stuff that does get published is questionable artistic quality. The images look very professional and rates very high on the "lizzicat artistic quality meter" (and it's not easy to get a high rating )


Everyone chant with me....

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Oooh... that's lovely. It not only shows an understanding of Tarot, it shows a truly intimate understanding of cats.

Finish it! Publish it! Sell me one!
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I would absolutely add this to my collection if given the opportunity! I also know of someone else who has been interested in tarot, and loves cats, but has yet to find a deck they feel comfortable with yet. He might really like this one :-)

It's a big project, I'm just starting one myself (not cat themed, something more specialized) and boy can contemplating the project a a whole be intimidating! But I think a publisher would be interested in this deck, especially if you show them how many folks on one site are willing to speak up and say "I want!"
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Wow, I love this deck, the swords suit in particular (just got my kitty back from the urgent animal care clinic. The Siamese hissing at the pills really speaks to me!) All of the cards, actually are so lifelike and the art is charming, proficient, gently humorous, relevant to the card meaning, and consistent throughout. These cards really look like they belong together in the same deck, which is not something that can be said for every new deck that comes out.

Oh, and I just want to say, catdoc, that people who take care of animals are among the nicest people I know. Everyone at the pet clinic was amazingly kind this weekend and I am so grateful there are people who choose to do health care for our non-human friends.
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