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Originally posted by baba-prague
........ It's getting better and better I think.
One of the reason I started this project was to have a reason to practice my watercolor painting. I love to paint, but to really achieve satisfaction I need to feel that I am improving my craft, or at least making progress. Your comment is encouraging. Practice makes perfect, but I am not very motivated by practice alone, I need to have some use for the resulting paintings. These tarot cards have provided much oportunity for improving my technique. The improvements are subtle but the temptation to re-do some of the earlier cards is growing. I am going to try to finish all 78 cards and then I will probably go back and re-paint any cards that are not quite up to par.

It is interesting to read posts by other deck creators in this forum. Chronata, your observations about your cards speaking to you and becoming 'active' in the creative process rings true. (I have been lurking about, following your progress, I love your deck by the way) I find that at some point in the evolution of each image the kitties on the card take over :-).

I am glad to know that the cats look natural. Some of the images are inspired by cats with whom I am personally acquainted through my work. Others are inspired by photos in books, magazines and cat food adds lol. An expression or pose that strikes the right tone. My co-workers see my own cats in several of the cards. The Fool and The Two of Wands, though not the same color, are most definitely inspired by my Bradlee (a.k.a. 'Mr. Wildman' to my man Keith. ) Quicken appears on the World, Strength and Two of Swords (on that card he is wearing a siamese coat, but the expression is all his own). I now have a wonderful vision of Yellow Bear dragging home a snake so the ten of Wands is taking shape in my minds eye.

I am having great fun. Thank you all for your continued encouragement.

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The way in which the cards get better as you go along is one of the great - but dangerous - things in this whole process. It's like the Forth Bridge (is that a very UK reference? The bridge in Scotland that is so long that it has to be continually painted - once they get to one end it's time to begin again). We have already redone our High Priestess, and made many small changes to other cards (the Two of Cups is much improved). While this is great, of course it can mean that a deck never gets finished. It's one of the most difficult decisions a deck creator makes I think - when to stop and say "that's it". Of course, sometimes reworking and reworking does NOT make things better. It's a delicate decision at times.

I'll be very interested to see what you decide on some of the earlier cards, because yes, I think you can actually see the way the more recent ones are sometimes stronger (and yes, it's subtle isn't it? I'm not sure I could even put my finger on it). But you have to stop somewhere.

Looking forward to the snake scene now :-)
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I only just dropped by this forum, and wow! *purrs happily*

Please be aware that I will be very upset if I can't get this deck in the UK when it comes out!
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two more twos

The two of cups and the two of pentacles have joined the collection of cats.

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Aww, they're lovely! Keep up the grrrrreat work Deb!

*can't wait until the deck gets published*
*wants to hold the pretty kitties in her very own little paws*

*hops about like a happy cub*
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Congrats on another couple of super cards Catdoc!
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Pleeeeeeease let us know when they are ready! I plan to get in line for a copy!
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Wow Catdoc!! More fabulous cards. I hope a major publisher picks up your deck.

From another Mainer,
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Wonderful! The 2 of Cups reminds me of Valentine's Day:-)
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three of swords

I have finally gotten another card painted. Springtime gardening has been consuming most of my weekend time of late.

It is good to have aeclectic back up and running. :-)

I am presently working on the "threes" and started with the Three of Swords because it is one of those dificult tarot cards. I chose to convey the feeling of heartbreak and betrayal with a scene of abandonment.

"The summer family has left for the winter and the kitty that they allowed to become dependent on them as a source of food and companionship has been left behind to fend for herself. Tracks in the snow indicate that she still comes to the back porch, but the bowls are empty."

For me the message of the Three of Swords is about life's hard lessons. We all face disappointments big and small along the way. We can also be responsible for causing disappointment for others intentionally or not. It is important to be able to care for ones own self. It is also important to consider others and to not make promises we can not keep or unwittingly allow another to become dependent and then abandon them.

On to the Three of Wands....
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