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Yep , Baylys- I think you actually own more Bonefire decks than I do.
Good to hear from you mate and really thanks for your constant support for my endeavors. You know how pathetically us part time artists need it.
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Always here for you when you need that cheerleading squad.
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*Rattling Cheerleader Pom Poms*


Those new images you shared are gorgeous, and it sounds like there's lots of behind the scenes progress too... I can't wait to see the whole deck

(Did you ever see that I'd posted my work in progress deck, as you'd requested? Thanks for the encouragement! I feel weird linking to it on this thread, so to everyone else, this is just for her... )
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Location: NSW Australia
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Hey Deaux- thanks for the cheers!
Busy, busy, busy.
Please link away, in fact I'm heading over to your thread right now and checking out your images.(following your link).
I'll see you there.👍
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Found you there, found you here, and I can't wait to see this deck completed (Since I missed out on Bonefire!)
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Join Date: 18 Sep 2012
Location: NSW Australia
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All the paintings are finished.

Hello peeps,
Yep that time has finally come, rather flippin late, but here nonetheless. The paintings are all finished
I ended up with 58 cards. The 56 of a playing card deck plus a couple of alternates.
So now to begin hoiking it all together. Scanning this arvo and as I hate the results my newer scanner gives, very grainy and blemish enhancing, no doubt a fair amount of frowning and swearing will ensue.
Still thinking of going with Printers Studio as I am in Aus and many of you are not. Unless I vere towards The Games Crafter, (those Duck soup decks make quite a compelling case).
The main thing for me at the mo is to get this next phase underway. I just want to get my little (and that I mean phyically and ambition-wise) oracle out and about and mingling in the community.
Cheers guys and here are a couple of images i dont think i have posted here.
Attached Images
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Babalon Jones 

Hell yeah awesome
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I can hardly wait, I can hardly wait, I can hardly wait!!!!!

FYI, Game Crafter pros and cons, from an artist's standpoint: their cardstock has improved and is not, I think, the issue that it used to be. I believe that they print with wax, not with ink, which gives the cards marvelous old-fashioned look... but as a drawback, everything that they print seems to have a slight greenish tinge. So the print quality is sharper and crisper than Printer's Studio, but the colors are not as true as what PS provides.

If you want a custom printed box to go with the deck, Game Crafter is really the only way to go. PS does this, but it requires a minimum order and is prohibitively expensive, IMHO.

Also, Game Crafter, though 100 percent reliable, has been running really slooooooooowly lately, in terms of fulfilling orders. Not for impatient customers.

So -- that's my two cents.

I'm wondering who does the printing for people like U.S. Games and The Expert Playing Card Company and Lo Scarabeo. Certainly by 2017 it will be time for me to start looking at large print runs that I can sell at prices that will allow me to compete with Those Guys. The print on demand model really does work great and allow folks like us to do so much more than was ever possible before, but it doesn't allow us to sell our decks exactly cheaply.

Anyhow -- really so looking forward to this, Gabi -- love your work!!!
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Be still my heart! Gabby, you have positively made my day
with your glorious news! Congratulations! My beloved BoneFire is going to
have an intensely beautiful Oracle Sister!!!!

PrintersStudio or GameCrafter--either one will work for me!

ETA: i have to say, though...i am not impressed with the GameCrafters tuck boxes, [very flimsy]
Any one i have ever received got tucked away or tossed into the bin-- and the deck put in a tarot pouch.
so please don't make that a criteria.
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Congrats! Looking forward to getting it!

Printerstudio please!
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