Tarot of the Celtic Fairies: King of Swords

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Tarot of the Celtic Fairies: King of Swords

One of the things that strikes me most about this deck is the darkness/negativity that surrounds the court cards. I know this deck draws from the classic RWS interpretations, but a lot of their cards seem to draw from particularly the reversed/negative readings.

The card, mainly in hues of deep crimson, shows a winged man perched atop a hill on low rock, his head in his hands. In front of him, a sword sticks into the ground.

I always try to think of the King of Swords as someone who has truly harnessed his intellect. I like to think of court cards as energies that develop along the hierarchy (i.e. Pages are underdeveloped whereas Kings are developed; Pages and Queens are inward whereas Kings and Knights are outward).

In the small pamphlet that accompanies the card says, "Breas, a wicked fairy king, was desposed by his own warriors. Meanings: beliefs, repercussions, duties; responsibility vs. results". I don't really understand the meaning of 'desposed' though. I assume it means he was sort of mutinied against?

Edit: I found some information on the mythology behind Breas.

From what I understand, he was a lousy leader who let down his people and so they exiled him. The connection that this bears to the King of Swords' traditional interpretation, I can only guess, is that there is a misuse of intellect and perhaps the querent should either beware this person or rethink their own reasoning behind recent choices.
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