Tarot of the Celtic Fairies: 6 of Stones

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Tarot of the Celtic Fairies: 6 of Stones

Traditionally, this card is seen as a relationship between two people, energies, events, etc. in which one force has the ability to give and the other force has the ability to receive. There is something to be shared, a certain abundance and charity associated with this card traditionally.

Pictured on this particular card is a farmer and a brownie. The farmer, much taller than the small faery, is holding a large rod and the brownie is holding a branch of a tree. Both of these characters are using these tools to move a large stone that is beside them. The description in the small pamphlet says, "A brownie aids a farmer's work. Meanings: Accepting aid, graciousness, lending a hand; aid and assistance."

These characters are pictured working together to accomplish the same goal. Their companionship seems unusual or unexpected because of their difference in size. I might interpret this card as a sign to expect or allow help from someone, even if it appears they may not be well-suited for providing assistance. It may also be a sign to help someone else, even if you see yourself as unworthy. Regardless, I get a strong sense of companionship from this card, as well as a subtle reminder that if more than one person is at work achieving a common goal, teamwork and equal effort is needed to accomplish the goal.
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