Tarot of the Celtic Fairies: 5 of Stones

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Tarot of the Celtic Fairies: 5 of Stones

Traditionally, this card points to adversity and poverty, some sort of loss but always there is a light at the end of the tunnel; this card is merely a passageway that must be traveled.

Pictured on this card are two women dressed similarly in long deep red gowns. The woman on the left seems to be undergoing a sort of transformation into a sharper, uglier form and the woman on the right is pointing, surprised. The description given in the small pamphlet is: "Eventually, a changeling's false appearance shrivels. Meanings: Decline, decay, entropy; waste and neglect."

I believe it is implied that this decaying of the guise is unintended. From this, I get the message that all things must eventually expire. I don't get as harsh of a feeling from this card as I do from the traditional RWS deck, which I believe is significant. This card simply appears as a reminder that good things do come to an end, but it is simply a part of nature. Just as the changeling's guise is not permanent, neither is happiness (or hardships, for that matter). It is a friendly reminder that hard times are simply part of life and although it may take you by surprise, it--like everything--lacks permanence.
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