Tarot of the Celtic Fairies: Page of Swords

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Tarot of the Celtic Fairies: Page of Swords

Traditionally, the Page of Swords exists as a person (or an energy) that exhibits a mental restlessness, a desire to learn and a rich curiosity.

Pictured on this card is a male pixie holding a sword in front of a wasp or bee, as if he is about to make a move in battling it. The description in the small pamphlet says, "A fairy confronts a potentially superior enemy. Meanings: taking a stand, avoiding pointless skirmishes; bravery vs. stupidity."

It is not clear from this card or this meaning whether or not this battle is pointless or courageous. I think this card is asking us to assess a certain "battle" we face and to closely think about whether or not it is worth fighting, or if we should use our energy elsewhere.

I think this is an interesting and different interpretation of this card. It strikes me as an usual choice of scene for the Page of Swords. Thoughts?
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