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The Everyday Tarot - Poppy Palin

I was just looking at the Poppy Palin site and saw that she is creating a new tarot deck & book set. I wondered if anyone knew anymore about it, when it was due for release or any more info? It doesn't say on her site but shows some of the cards for anyone interested. I like it
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I love Poppy's artwork, especially the eyes. Would love to have the waking the Wild Spirit deck again, for me it reads like a Marseilles. This new deck looks interesting, and looks like it's been in the making since 2012.

I'll be watching this space. Good luck Poppy!

OMG The High Priestess is wearing Dr Martens... I'm hooked.
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Poppy is such a nice person, and I'm happy to hear she's working on a new deck. Thanks for letting us know, WhiteWolfy!
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OMG... the Everyday Tarot is the type of deck I have been waiting YEARS to see. Every single image made my heart have a wee beat for sure.

You NEVER hear me enthuse like this, based on a deck in the creation stage, based on a few images. That fool card?? Fantastic. Devil Card?? Bloomin' brilliant.

I am contacting her to get info as to how far into the process it is, any projected publication date. The only other modern deck I have which I enjoy using is the Today' Journey. This will trump it due to the artwork being cleaner and easier to read, as well as showing personalities, emotions etc.

Wow. I have become so picky these days with buying decks. Last year there were just two purchases. This year there may only be one. This is going to be a must have for me.

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I am really interested in this new deck! Shadowdancer, please post when you hear back from her.
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Yes, I've been following this one with interest for a while - certainly one I'll be buying! The artwork is so grounded and earthy but radiates something very joyful too; everything is so alive.
I love her WTWS deck and find something new in it every time I work with it.
She is a lovely good hearted person and a true friend to all animals, and I've no doubt that local animal charities will be getting a big slice of any monies she makes on this new venture. Definately worth supporting on all fronts.....
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Originally Posted by magpie9 View Post
I am really interested in this new deck! Shadowdancer, please post when you hear back from her.
I have had a reply. Poppy is now aware that there is very real interest in this deck, and I think with our energy and support will be re-kindling it. It looks to good not to see the light of day IMO.

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Wow - I just had a look and I'm blown away by those cards as well. I love how full of life the characters in the cards are - love that Empress!
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The cards are just beautiful. I really love the Death Card. The High Priestess looks so... I dunno forlorn, or just lost and her animals in the card seem agitated, too. A great card, but I have to work out it's meaning. (I can remember feeling this way as a teen, abilities manifesting and unsure what to do about it- but as a High Priestess I would have thought she would be more sure or maybe she just doesn't like what she sees is coming?)
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Beautiful Death card!
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