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I have not seen this deck till now. I love all the dogs in the deck, particularly the German Shepherds! (I have 2)

I also very much like the authenticity of the faces and the clothing. Just veryday people, not perfectly formed impossible beings.

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There will be new editions on her website of recent images.

The one I love in particular is the latest - 3 swords. So many lovely touches including the single magpie outside the window, siginifying sorrow.
Honestly, this deck is getting better and better.

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Just had a look at the 3 blades/swords very emotional
here's the pic
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I love all of the dogs, and the artwork! Here I've been thinking about giving away my decks, or putting them all away, since I've barely used them for years, and I see this...
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I've been in correspondence with Poppy Palin, as well as being privileged to get regular updates on her progress. The cards just keep getting better and better. I'm also aware that Poppy is going through extreme hardships at the moment, but is still committed to finishing the deck. If anyone has time to drop her a line via her website, she may appreciate some encouragement. Please keep in mind, however, that because of her health she can only use a computer for limited time and may not be able to reply.
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Thanks for the link, I just went and looked at the cards again. Some of them, like the Death card, make me tear up. She has a real talent for conveying feeling through her art...and so I hope her health has not set her back too much, as I also would love to have this deck.
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Subbing to this thread . I'm just so in love with this deck and would like to keep up with its progress. Beyond my lust for these cards though, may Ms. Palin find exactly what she needs to overcome her health issues.
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I hope she can finish it too. I have pain issues that keep me from doing a great many things with my hands also although I am no artist but it must be very difficult for her. It crashed my life.

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Originally Posted by Moonbow View Post

OMG The High Priestess is wearing Dr Martens... I'm hooked.
i thought it was mandatory to wear doc martens. I will have to tell my son that he doesn't have to wear them when he fashions himself as "nature boy"
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I feel deeply moved by this deck. Will write to her today, truly appreciate what she is doing.
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