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Well, I love big books so I hope it gets to remain big. I love Poppy's writing style, too, as well as her art work.
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Originally Posted by Carojulie View Post
Yes I also had a response, same day I sent my message to them. They were telling me that "the Everyday Enchantment Tarot project is currently in the pipeline for Schiffer's spring 2018 catalogue"
English is not my first language and I can miss detailed precisions, but I think that means that the project is seriously considered, though nothing is definitively decided, isn't it ?
Sounds good I guess.

That is excellent news and I am very happy for Poppy ! And also for ourselves and for Schiffer too
I have a lot of experience with the business side of publishing. If there is a catalog date, that means they are going forward and they have lined up time at the printers. It's expensive to cancel print production after it's scheduled so they are committed at this point IMO.

I can't say what they'll do about an overlong book though. I have some not-so-good anecdotal evidence on that topic.
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