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Post Lenormand Forum: Index

Lenormand Forum: Index

Forum Favorites
Links to pics of different Lenormand decks
What Lenormand deck is the postman bringing? (2014)

Getting Started / New To Lenormand Discussions
Will Lenormand help me acheive my goal?
Why Lenormands?
Help! Which M.lle Lenormand oracle exactly?
Lenormand Deck
Lenormand/Titania questions?
Anyone working with Lenormand or Kippercards?
Astrology and Lenormand
Lenormand Oracle: I Can't As Hard As I Try
Lenormand for a Newbie
Newbie's questions to lenormand readers
I am completely new to Lenormand
Lenormand is so dang tough!!!

Lenormand Talk
What started your lenormand journey?
Will Lenormand stay pure and simple or not
Lenormand Overload?
Some Comments on Reading Style - How do you Roll?
Changes to standard images...bother you much?
Do you find the Lenormand to be counter-intuitive?
Is there value in adhering to a traditional Lenormand system? If so, what is it?
Lenormand; the symbols & nothing more?
when did it become 36 cards?
Best Uses for Lenormand
How to Read Advice from the Lenormand
How We View Reading Lenormand for Others
If you couldn't learn to read Lenormands "properly"
The Current State of the Lenormand Community
Rules of Lenormand
Expectations for Lenormand vs other decks
Why don't more professional readers use Lenormand?

Individual Cards or Card Comparisons
The Stork
Lenormand Bear card: Which way should it face?
Common Motifs in Lenormand-Type Oracles: The Dog
Lenormand, the diff between cross and coffin?
Ring to the left of charged card
Snake as fear?
Dark side of the clouds?
The Moon
The Moon (2)
Leormand - Cross - #36
27-The Letter
The Fish card
The Bear card
The Mice
Lilies Card
Stars = longing?
Scythe card repeatedly seen
Man - Piatnik Lenormand
The Ship=a car?
The Cross Card
Songbirds vs Owls
Scythe - Can it ever be good?
Tree as 'health'
fox as job or sly?
The Snake
Fox vs Moon

Card Topic Discussions - What Card Means ....?
Communication represented in cards
Which card shows up for an affair
heart or ring?
every card a person?
Lenormand cards in readings for gay people
Identify what a person looks like with the lenormand cards
Cards for Politics/Politicans
which card means sexual activity for you?
Work=Fox(or Not?)
Sexual health/problems
What card is your car?

Significators / Querant cards
Coffin over signifier woman?
direction of Man/Woman Card???
Man or Woman card outside of the GT
Lenormand/Titania - where's the querent?
Lenormand significator Work

Card Combos
Scythe/Coffin combo - concerned
Letter + Heart / Heart + Letter
Clover and Clouds?
Whip + Garden as classroom? and tips?
Child - Mouse pair
Bouquet + Book
Tower + Combinations
Garden + Woman
Fox + Park=clandestine meeting?
Moon & Child = naive?
Child + Key
Letter + House
Tower-child combo in emotional/love issue

Various Card Meanings & Interpretations
Lenormand meanings! and rhyme translation!
All about Lenormand Cards
Post your rogue Lenormand interps here!
Dual Meaning Cards
Russian Meanings
Lenormand Cartomancy Meanings
Titania/Lenormand Combinations that make you go What The!
Lenormand/Titania combinations

Reading Techniques
Combinations + Sentences?
Nuance Cards
My new Lennie love?? Chaining!

Lee's Common Sense Lenormand Series
Level I
Level II
Level III

Timing Methods
Timing in the GT
How to read time frame in grand tableu
Timing with Lenormand
2 Methods of Timing
Timing: Tarot or Lenormand

9 Card Square or 3x3 Spread - aka The Box Spread
My nine card spread
variations on how to read a 9 card spread?
9-Card "Box" Spread
9 card spread, reading columns
central card of 3x3 reading

Grand Tableu
Grand Tableu
Looking for 6x6 (house) spread
Grand Lenormand Spread Details
Grand Tableau - first one!
The Grand Tableau- How did you learn?
The Grand Tableau; go on, sock it to me
First Grand Tableau, question about columns and timelines
how I read the GT
GT Major Players
How do you read Knighted cards?
Suddenly the GT has exploded before my eyes
GT: cards in their own homes
Fox position in the GT
GT and Houses
GT more than one child
Significator at the Borders (1) and (2)

Grand Tableu - Layout Discussions
(8X4+4) layout v. (9X4) layout?
Subject in bottom row of 4x8+4
GT 4x9 or 8x4 +4

Other Spreads
Lost things and lost people (uses the whole Lenormand deck)
Please explain the pyramid spread
8 card spread, reading columns
I'm trying to learn 3-card daily draws
Noun+Adjective in Lenormand Line of Five

Resources & Videos
Secrets of the Lenormand Study Group by Sylvie Steinbach (inactive)
Lenormand Resources Thread
Lenormand YouTube Videos
Journal Print Outs for Daily Draws, Readings, & Exercises
New Lenormand Courses (Bjrn Meuris)

New book:The Lenormand Compendium by Mario Dos Ventos
Mlle. Lenormand Books
two Lenormand books in English found at Amazon
Treppner Course or Brika-Verlag Ebook
using titania's book with lenormand cards
Lenormand's Book?
Learning Lenormand by Katz & Goodwin
New book! (Rana George's The Essential Lenormand)
Cartomancy with the Lenormand and the Tarot: Create Meaning & Gain Insight from the C
Caitlin Matthews - 'The Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook'
andybc ebook
Lenormand books
George vs Steinbach: Book Reviews

Playing card inserts / Numerology / Decans
Using Decans with Lenormand
Lenormand (36) and Decans/Decanates
Playing card inserts and cartomancy in Lenormands
Lenormand Playing Cards
Lenormand and Playing Cards?
Lenormand Numerology Meanings

Lenormand & Tarot
Merging Lenormand/tarot
Lenormand vs. Tarot
The way tarot speaks versus the way Lenormand cards speak
The Lenormand style applied to tarot?
Lenormand Plus (using tarot or oracle cards with lenormand)

Lenormand & Oracle Decks
combining Lenormand/Kipper
Lenormand compared to Tea Leaf Fortune Cards
Lenormand or Tea Leaf card?
Lenormand vs Playing Card Oracles
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Lenormand Deck Index

General Lenormand Deck Discussions
Titanias Fortune Cards
Another one taking the Lenormand leap!
Lenormand Cards Needed...!!!
Making a Lenormand out of your picture card tarots

Favorites / Reviews
Your favorite lenormand decks
Lenormand Decks - Pluses and Minuses
Styles of Lenormands you prefer
My go to Lenormands and why
What Lenormand Deck Are You Currently Using
Decks you use most at the moment

Deck Comparisons or By Category
Titania vs. Lenormand...what's the difference
Mini Lenormands - rave/crave corner

Questions / Requests
Where can I get my own Lenormand deck?
lenormand decks with poems??
The Best Lenormand Deck for a Newbie

Specific Deck Discussions
Anna K Lenormand
Art Nouveau (Lenormand) Oracle
Art Nouveau Oracle
Antique Wst Lenormand
Baralho de cartas ciganas (Brazilian Lenormand)
Blue Owl Lenormand Decks
The Burning Serpent Oracle from Robert M. Place
The Burning Serpent Oracle: A Lenormand of the Soul
Celtic Lenormand
Celtic Lenormand (2)
Chelsea Lenormand ("Tyldwick Lenormand" thread)
Contemporary Lenormand Cards
Crochet Petit Lenormand
Deck of Lenormand Houses
The Destroyed Dondorf
The Enchanted Lenormand Oracle - Caitlin Matthews, Art by Virginia Lee
El Metodo Lenormand / The new Lenormand
Esmeralda Lenormand by Karla Souza
Etsy Lenormand
Fairy Tale Fortune Cards
Fairytale Lenormand by Lisa Hunt
LS French Cartomancy Deck: Lenormand
French Cartomancy Deck
Ur-Lenormand aka Game of Hope
Gilded Reverie Lenormand Video Review by Donnaleigh DeLaRose
I just bought the Gilded Reverie Lenormand
Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards
16 extra Gypsy Witch Lenormand card meanings?
Laura Tuan Lenormand Oracle
Lenormand Reloaded
Lilac & Cherry Twilight Lenormand (Berenika/Russia)
What is this Lilac Twilight?
Madame Marie's Techno Fortune-Telling Oracle
The Magick Lenormand by Beth Seilonen
Malpertuis Lenormand ("Tyldwick Lenormand" thread)
Lenormand de Marseilles
The Bernd A. Mertz Lenormand
Lothrop Lenormand ("Tyldwick Lenormand" thread)
Mysteries of Old Castle
Mystical lenormand..Amazon..typing error?
Mystical Lenormand
Mystical Lenormand (different thread)
Off Center Lenormand by Marcia McCord
Pagan Lenormand Oracle
Postcards from my Lover
Quintessential Lenormand deck
Red Owl Vs Blue Owl
Samhain Vintage Lenormand
Tyldwick Lenormand
Under the Roses Lenormand
Under the Roses US Games Edition
Ur-Lenormand aka Game of Hope
Vadim's Lenormand- any scans/reviews
Vintage Lenormand by Rootweaver
Witchy Lennies Lenormand by Jeri Totten

Be sure to also browse through the deck threads in the Lenormand Deck Creation: Deck Artist Index.

Lenormand Phone Apps
The Dondorf Lenormand App

Discussion of the Astro Mythological/Grand Jeu
Astrological Lenormand; anybody got it?
Mlle Lenormand – Grand Jeu
Astro Mythological by Mlle. Lenormand
Grand Jeu Lenormand- constellations & flowers?
Astro Mythological by Mlle. Lenormand
Lenormand Astro Mythological books

Looking for threads concerning decks that are loosely related to the Lenormand? Over in Oracles, there is a separate index for Lenormand "cousin" decks. You may find that index here.
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