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Crystal Tarot - Magician

I have taken parts of this from my 78 week study. Heres the thread if you would like to know what thats about.

I thought I would post it here in case anyone would like to add their thoughts and of course because not all of you will be reading that thread.

I read somewhere of one representing the self, the ego - and in the Crysal this is so evident. This magician is working alone, he has his tools and is confident in what he does. There are trees in the background of this card and beyond is a mass of swirling orangy/red/yellow which I see as potential energy. The light is all then focused on his table and the four elemental representations. The energy focuses in. The sword points to some seeds and a plant which is beginning to grow - cultivation, manifestation. The magician holds his cup and wand. He looks contemplative, peaceful, like he knows what hes doing, skilled and confident. The lemniscate above his head represents spiritual potential. This card smacks of potential. There is light and dark in this card. He can do anything he puts his mind to.

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I like this magician card. As you mentioned, he looks serious and contemplative and seems much more capable than the trickster/illusionist portrayed in some decks. He reminds me of a doctor, pharmacist or scientist starting important work.

I also agree about the yellow and orange swirling around as being energy and I like that the table along with his tools are also this same color scheme. It's easy to focus on it in the middle of all the green and blue.
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