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Hi SB ! Yes, it's like being on a melting ice berg !

Originally Posted by strangebrew View Post
Hi Sam! So good to see we still have somewhere to swap. Watersong told me the other forum is closing....so i went hunting for my Lenormand deck which i didn't use for ages!

Edit...i was using the Gypsy cards not Lenormand...will try again with the right deck now

The Journal

This could be either study or a deeper meaning of whether to open the book to see what the story is...if you wish to delve deeper then open the book

Will J be offered the room in DG?
Garden - Heart
If DG is at the heart of a community , somewhere which is popular and well liked socially then yes, I think he will .

QU: What advice does she have for me about TB ?
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Originally Posted by samantha View Post

QU: What advice does she have for me about TB ?
Woman - House
TB may be a source of stability, or is 'family' as in a spiritual sense (maybe your were close in a past life)

What do you guides want me to know?
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