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Chrysalis tarot

I am hoping to find the 8 of scrolls and ace of spirals from the chrysalis tarot. If anyone has extras, please let me know.

Also, a 2 of swords from the US games Belgium (1990) printing of the Haindl tarot.
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My Steampunk tarot got pretty damaged in my last cross-country move. The moving company I thought we'd hired subcontracted an unlicensed crew and a lot of my stuff was rifled through. This deck was in a dresser drawer and got thrown all around the truck.

Edit!: I took out the list. I just found the second half of the deck shoved into another box. It looks like I have a good chunk of the cards, some are missing, some are dirty/scraped, but most of them are in good condition. So if you need anything from the Steampunk deck, just let me know!
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Paulina Tarot Missing Cards

I'm hoping to find the Strength and Queen of Wands cards from the Paulina tarot. Please PM me if you have ones to spare
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Originally Posted by missy View Post
Hi everyone! For Christmas I treated myself to Oracle of the Dreamtime.

It has two #25 Butterfly cards (if anyone needs a spare) and is missing the #30 Magpies card.

So I am looking for the #30 Magpies card if anyone can assist. Thank you!
It is awfully late to ask this but I am still looking for the #30 Magpies if anyone has a spare. Thank you.
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Golden tarot, Kat Black

I posted in this thread some time ago, but just in case my first post was missed : I am still offering a spare card from my Golden Tarot if yours is missing one.
My deck is retired because it losts its Death card. It now is also short of a 9pents that I gave to a friend. I wish to keep most of my deck, even incomplete, because I have liked it a lot.... but if one or two of its remaining cards can enable your own deck to be complete again, it is with pleasure that I will send it to you. PM me if you are looking for a card !
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