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Just wanted to thank you for making these updates.

Use the contact information on her website to be notified of updates.

Not quite the same as following along here, though.
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Mythtaken....I am also updating on Cartomancy AND

likely the next update will appear on TT and Me as well.

BUT like Mythtaken has said, her site will keep you in the know.

It was my pleasure to update this thread for the last three years :-).

And I hope everyone who likes the looks of this Lenormand, gets it! I can't wait.

CharlotteK, the GOOD news is the deck will be out likely before the end of the year and her site will keep you up to date. I will update on Cartomancy and likely TT and ME for any updates beyond what is here, but really all updates anyone needs will be ON her site for the Lenormand and that WILL be out, WHOO HOOOO!, fairly soon!
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