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Originally Posted by Le Fanu View Post
Now available as a Fool's Dog app... Spotted last night!
Thanks for this! I got that right away, such an interesting deck.
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Originally Posted by The Happy Squirrel View Post
I hesitated. Which I don't usually do. And now they are all gone.


Hoping for better card stock in the commercial run though. Do we know which publishing house they are going with?
Me too Happy Squirrel. I don't usually have to hesitate, but I was trying to be good about my tarot buying - and this is what happens. Not happy.
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I finally found some time to use Tim Holtz distress ink on the chipped edges. I like reading with my Ostara so much, but the white chipping on the edges bothered me all the time. I used walnut stain, vintage photo and tea dye. The colors blend in perfectly with the colors of the deck, love the result!

This is such a beautiful deck, it deserves to be reprinted to find a bigger crowd of readers. In the meantime, go for the app, well worth the money.
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Just want to add some pics to show the result:
Attached Images
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oh, well done you!
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The Happy Squirrel 
Ostara Tarot

Looks great! Wish I hadn't missed out on the deck!
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Amazing job on the edes! Looks like mine will shortly submit to the same...
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Go for it, it's worth the effort!

Hopefully, there will be a future mass market edition. I use the Ostara quite often, but I know the card stock won't last forever. The app is great first step, but there has to be another print
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On the Ostara Tumblr, they recently posted this:

"Our patiently-awaited deck will become available sometime in the next year through Schiffer publishing! If you'd like an idea of the much-improved card and box quality, please refer to their offerings such as the Lowbrow Tarot."

I'm not familiar with Schiffer, but the words 'next year' and 'improved quality' were enough to make me very happy .
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