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Originally Posted by 2dogs View Post
Does anyone use Oracle apps rather than printed cards? I felt like trying something with beautiful artwork and inspirational messages to think about and found a load of cheap apps on the Play Store for my Android tablet. I tried a couple that were a free download with just a few of the cards so you can have a look at the cards and messages, then buy the full set of cards for any deck you like, and went for the Spirit Oracle Cards. The artwork is lovely on a lit up 10" tablet. .
No, but now that you mention this, I am running off to try it.
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I have not used a lot of oracle apps but I normally have a couple of deck apps on my phone at all times. Fool's Dog are my favorite. I have their Druid Oracle and Lenormand apps now that I think about it and use those a bit. They make for handy on the fly draws and daily draw apps but I don't do a lot of readings with them.

They are fun and a nice change to Candy Crush.

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I've also bought the Guiding Light Oracle which is paintings of Hubble Space Telescope images and think I'll try a few more out in the coming year - they don't clutter the house up and won't cost me a lot to buy new ones to get that feeling of surprise and freshness .
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I tried to check out the apps, you guys mentioned, but I only have a laptop, no smart phone or tablet....

Other than that - well,
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Was that hexagram



I also bought The Visionary I Ching app which calls this Darkening Of The Light and says not to draw attention to yourself or follow conventional wisdom at a time when stupidity reigns. This app though would include any changing lines and the future hexagram. I'm quite impressed with it so far .
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