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Fairy Lights tarot - 10 of Wands

Ok, honestly, I have a LOT of trouble working thus card because ... well, it creeps me out. WHAT is with the shape of that baby? It's bent at a 90 degree angle at the wrong place. It fills me with so much WTFery to be able to work with the card well. So, I'd honestly love some feedback from others regarding how you connect this card...

For a start for myself, I first look to the LWB to help get me past this blockage. "Your essence has been scattered through too much outward activity. Find a place of sanctuary where you can gather yourself together again."

Ok, so using that as a jumping off point. I see her as a young, single mother. She struggles with keeping herself and her small family afloat. She feels ostracized from her community - though, I wouldn't say her mother hood is the cause of that, but rather an effect (a dalliance on the side of a young man in the deck (aside: who?) who feared retribution from the community for association.

She's left the community to find sanctuary that she didn't receive from the people who should have been there for her. I feel as though she is in the midst of her journey, but has found a moment's peace in this meadow (aside: who or what is she searching for?)
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