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Fairy Lights Card Pair: High Priestess and ***

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Fairy Lights Card Pair: High Priestess and ***

I won't mention the second card till further down, so that it won't show up in the preview.

This Priestess has her book, and her dark and light pillars. So far, so traditional. But she looks very young, and she sits not on a throne but on a rock, with grass all around her and mushrooms to one side. She reminds me of me when I was a girl, nose always in a book, even outside in the summertime. But she is surrounded by fairy lights…

…And some of them emanate from the other card, where a much smaller figure reaches toward a swirl of lights. This card is about defending yourself or your beliefs, holding firm against adversity. So the question is, do these lights come from the fairy, or is she resisting them, or is she perhaps calling them towards herself and asking them for help and strength? I suppose it could depend on the spread and the other cards.

The other card here is the Priestess. She’s about intuition and inner knowledge, esoteric rather than exoteric (which belongs to her counterpart, the Hierophant). She looks serene, seems unfazed by the fairy lights coming from the Seven of Wands. Perhaps this card-pair is about finding the strength and knowledge within yourself to fight adversity when it comes. If you know who you are, and what you believe, then you will have the strength to fight for what you believe in. Trust your intuition, because it is strong.
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So let us delve into these two cards that again make a dashing all be it seeming at first an odd little pairing.
High Priestess is Water and represents the moon, but 7 wands are fire and stand for valour and overcoming obstacles.
Now at first glance we think hmmm fire and water, ENEMIES! The weaken each other, what the hell are they doing as a pairing ?
Well let us look a little deeper.

We see in the 7 wands, struggles and challenges but this simple little Fae seems to have everything in hand. Whatever is trying to get through that vortex she stands a front has little or no chance of getting through. Why? Because she has insight that is why! See before she took upon this spell she consulted not one of her friends but one that usually opposed her, the High Priestess, they have never really got along have the little fire Fae and the Moon Priestess. But on this evening a threat was destined to enter their world and she knew did the little Fire Fae that she could not tackle this problem alone. She also knew that the Priestess was a very learned lady of much arcane knowledge and she knew that if anyone had a vanquishing spell it would be her. So she put aside their differences for this one night for the greater good, swallowed her pride and asked the priestess for help. To which the Moon Priestess agreed. For she also know of the threat that was looming over their land. And she did in fact know the perfect vanquishing spell to rid the land of this coming evil.
For this spell needed both fire and water to come together as one to create a magickal wall of STEAM from which was plucked from the very land beneath their feet.
So what we see here is indeed the Priestess busy in her book of shadows reciting a spell that the fire Fae is acting upon the hold back the demonic entity that was set to engulf their precious world.

Bluebells and dandelions are proliferant too.

Bluebells are sometimes referred to as Faeries thimbles and are also known as Pixies hats and to call Faeries to a Fae convention the bluebells would be rung. So it is no wonder we see the Priestess sitting on her earthen throne surrounded by them. The symbolic meaning behind bluebells is often associated with gratitude, humility, constancy and love everlasting.

Dandelions in this picture are the white puffball kind so we need only gleen the meanings of this phase of this magickal little flower. They are symbolic of clarity, purity, new beginnings and are often used in spiritual cleansing spells. There is also a folklore that tells of when you blow this little puffball and the seeds float off, you should take note of which way the seeds meander, for this is the direction of where your fortune shall come. They also have an elemental value of Air so therefore are fundamental in this card to the production of steam. Fire + Water = Steam(Air)
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