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Back in my days as a wandering...hitchicking– er ah – as a bum, I used to watch crows to determine the kind of day it would be.

I’d look for the first crows of the day. Were they flying or waiting? Odd or even numbers? On my right or on my left as they presented themselves to me? What did they do as soon as they greeted me?

As an example, three crows to your left that just sit…get out your harmonica, you’re not getting a ride anytime soon.
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Two crows in the big oak tree to my left means.....
When you go to burn the garbage watch your feet
There's a mouse under the burn barrel.
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A murder of crows...

Okay, now I'm counting crows, rather than just watching them fly south in the morning and back to their roost somewhere north of me in the afternoon.

I'll also never be able to look at those little flat flower vase marbles in quite the same way again. I will ache to paint symbols on them.

Just one question. How do you interpret one crow fighting with one hawk? I guess it depends on who wins?

Thanks for sharing this, Chronata.

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I think I'm going to have to make me some Chronata's Crowstones!
They sound awesome!!
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Thanks Rabble!
Funny...I went searching for this thread recently and couldn't find it!
I'm glad you dug it up!

I have made a couple of sets of these for AT members...
Oh! I should post a picture of them!
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I just made a set!
A quickie set, but it is here by me, in a lovely small black bag. Someone sewed a little patch of brown leather onto the bag, and then a small green metal is probably the sweetest bag I own-except for my new deck bag...but that is another story for another time.

I just grabbed some small white stones, some of those flat glass beads, and several other kinds of beads from my bead treasure box and used a black indelible marker to mark the numbers. I hope that by the time the numbers wear off, I will remember which is which...

Crowstones are the coolest thing I've seen in a while.
My five year old is going to get to play with them in the morning...I know that she will love them...

I wish I knew a rhyme about crows to share too....Chronata, please, will you share one?

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I'm reading this and falling in love with it for my son. He read the rhyme and thinks it's cool.

I use those flattened marbles for my rune sets, I can make about 5 sets for about $5. I don't paint them on, I use a dremel engraver to carve the rune into the glass and then either leave them like that (the engraving ends up being white) or use a gel pen to paint the rune either silver or gold. Eventually the paint wears off, but you can still see the rune. I've thought about selling them, though I'm not entirely sure where I would sell them!

I could do the engraving with the Crowstones too. In fact I think I'm going to do a set for my son tomorrow and print the rhyme on a little card until he can memorize it!
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Yay! I love that people have made sets for these, and have used them! I love doing it for kids, and then letting then do a reading for me!

Here's some more in depth stuff from the little book I wrote to go with them.

Some people have asked about the difference between stones 8, 10, and 13. the big thing. Loss, or despair or deep feelings...
#10...Sorrow... is momentary dissapointments or frustrations, that usually go away in a day or two...
And#13... bad luck is...well, bad luck...along with feelings of fear.

Here is the list...

ONE, mail, signals, a letter, a post or an e-mail. any correspondance.

TWO Mirth...Laughter, fun, joy, happiness, play

THREE Marriage...a wedding or marriage, a partnership, two people working for the same goal, a group of people come together for a common good.

FOUR Birth...beginnings, new cycle, a child, a new project, ideas, inspirations

FIVE Riches...Money, finances, fortune, unexpected income, treasures, abundance, prosperity

SIX Thief...Untrusting or untrustworthy, someone trying to take something away from you, or keep something from you

SEVEN Journey....Travel, escape, inner journey, journaling, wisdom, memories

EIGHT Grief...Loss, Deep depression, Life altering circumstances, wounds, endings, patience, contemplation, time heals

NINE Secret...Mystery, secrets, hidden ideas, or resources, security, rumors, detection

TEN Sorrow...Disappointment, momentary sadness, anger, negative thoughts

ELEVEN Love...Love romance, passion, unconditional love

TWELVE Joy Tomorrow... Hope, future optimism, planning Faith

THIRTEEN Bad Luck...bad news, frustration, fear, superstition, pessimism

FOURTEEN Danger...Caution, warning, waiting, stop, back-up and look again

FIFTEEN Changed Luck...good luck, perfect timing, unexpected prosperity

SIXTEEN Stranger...Unknown, guarded, wary, Someone new , loyalty

SEVENTEEN...Adventure...Excitement, change, confusion, energy, courage, going beyond normal bounds

EIGHTEEN...Love Thats New...Rebirth, a new project, hobby, or new relationship, transformation

NINETEEN Fame and Honor...Promotion, winning contest or competition, recognition

TWENTY Wish Comes True!...A gift, a goal fullfilled, completion, reward
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I would love to see these. Did you ever post a picture here on AT?
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Little Hare 

Oooh me too i love this sort of stuff... I love crows
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